The Danger of the Single Story

I watched a great TedTalk the other day given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie all about the dangers of living by a single story. A quick synopsis of Chimamanda's talk would be people are born and raised with single stories in mind about other people, genders, cultures, and communities. However, these single stories usually aren't true … Continue reading The Danger of the Single Story


I’m Not A Racist

This is not easy to watch, but one I feel should be watched. It may be uncomfortable, but it's worth it. Please give me your thoughts. I think Joyner Lucas crushes this rap.

A little pick me up.

I needed a little pick me up today and watching Betty White always does that. She is such an amazing (and hilarious) woman. Betty White: 'There's so much to be thankful for' "Men are my hobby. They just don't know it." I love it. Betty White lets Ryan Reynolds know whose the star - Side note Ryan … Continue reading A little pick me up.

Hello, I’m a millennial.

Simon Sinek gave a talk on millennials in the workplace on Inside Quest (IQ) with Tom Bilyeu. (You can watch the video here on youtube) I have gone back and watched this 15 minute video a few times now and want to make some serious changes in my life. Here’s a break-down of what he said. Millennials, … Continue reading Hello, I’m a millennial.