Things We’ve Learned While Talking to Empowered Women

Today's guest post is from The Passionista Project. If you haven't already go check out their IG, website, and podcast (which goes live today). We spend the better part of our days interviewing, researching and connecting with inspiring women for The Passionistas Project Podcast. We sit with women from all disciplines and walks of life … Continue reading Things We’ve Learned While Talking to Empowered Women

Compliment Day

Today is compliment day so I've decided to write down all the compliments I want to give today here and then either text them out or give them in person. 🙂 What compliments are you giving out today? Who are you giving them out to? To my husband, Tyson, you are such a hard worker who … Continue reading Compliment Day

Before Having Kids

What was your life like before having kids? Was it something you are proud of? Did you travel? Did you go to school? Did you invest time in your career? Did you take time for yourself? Did you learn about yourself? What did you do with all that extra time? The reason I am writing … Continue reading Before Having Kids

40 days and 40 nights

How many of you are Catholic? Or raised Catholic, like me? How many of you are Lutheran, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, or Methodist? Or raised in one of those religions? Well if you fall into one of these categories you will know that today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. For those of you … Continue reading 40 days and 40 nights

10 things I hear WAY too often

These are things I hear my 3 1/2 year old say multiple times a day, every day. Love it or hate it, this is mom life. ❤ "MOM! Tate is bothering me!" "Mom, I'm hungry" "I'm done." - This almost always comes roughly two minutes after "I'm hungry." "Mom, can I play your phone? Yes … Continue reading 10 things I hear WAY too often

Top 5 advantages to being a young mom

I got pregnant with Cash at 22. We were trying to have him and it was very normal for people our age to have children that young, or younger, in Utah. When I moved to San Francisco I quickly learned the normal time to have children was sometime in your 30's. And quite honestly, it … Continue reading Top 5 advantages to being a young mom

Whatever Wednesday

It's only 12:20 as I write this and it feels like 7 PM. Cash started whining and crying since a little before 9 AM. He was telling me his ear was hurting. I tried looking into it with my phone flashlight to see if there was anything in there and I didn't see anything. I … Continue reading Whatever Wednesday