I Would Rather Not Be Alone

Go read this article from the Washington Post. I'm sorry if you're sick of seeing posts like this but it needs to be seen every fucking day. We all need to be reminded of how much trauma these children went through. How this tragedy will affect them for the rest of their lives. How they … Continue reading I Would Rather Not Be Alone


The Danger of the Single Story

I watched a great TedTalk the other day given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie all about the dangers of living by a single story. A quick synopsis of Chimamanda's talk would be people are born and raised with single stories in mind about other people, genders, cultures, and communities. However, these single stories usually aren't true … Continue reading The Danger of the Single Story

A little pick me up.

I needed a little pick me up today and watching Betty White always does that. She is such an amazing (and hilarious) woman. Betty White: 'There's so much to be thankful for' "Men are my hobby. They just don't know it." I love it. Betty White lets Ryan Reynolds know whose the star - Side note Ryan … Continue reading A little pick me up.