Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Dear Tate, Today we celebrate you! It's insane how quickly the past two years have gone. It's also insane how different you are from daddy, Cash, and myself yet so similar. You are quite when we are out in public and a chatterbox at home, like daddy. You are full of sass all the time, … Continue reading Happy Birthday Baby Boy


Flowers & Tantrums

The difference between my two boys constantly amazes me and irritates the fuck out of me. Honestly, I don't know how I ended up with two boys who are so polar opposite. Cash is social, extroverted, and very friendly. Tate is introverted, very shy, and only "talks" or giggles around people he knows well. Yesterday and … Continue reading Flowers & Tantrums


We have great news! Tate took his first steps today! We were at Pump It Up in Concord and completely unpromted he took 4 steps. He obviously refused to do it again. I would try and pick him up and he would just go right back to crawling again. But we are making some progress!!! … Continue reading Milestones!