Struggling With Patience

It’s time to come clean. I am struggling with patience when it comes to my two boys. If you aren’t regular readers of this blog, I have an almost 5-year-old and an almost 2 1/2-year-old and they drive me absolutely insane! I go to school full time and get 4 hours of daycare through our … Continue reading Struggling With Patience


Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Today is the unofficial "Make Your Dreams Come True Day!" Why not make the most of it and fucking crush today? Go out and do something you've been scared of doing. Start something you've been procrastinating. Tell that someone you love them. Tell off that little shit head you know but haven't had the balls to … Continue reading Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Week 17 Picks

Alright, guys! It's the last week of the regular season. I am disappointed that James Harrison was released and then signed with the Patriots. We are the #2 seed so that's good, but not good enough in my eyes! Fingers crossed we can make it all the way!!!! Ring number 7 here we come! ❤ … Continue reading Week 17 Picks

Let’s Get Real

My Saturday Struggle is starting really, really early this weekend and I'm not especially thrilled about it. I'm going to about get real with you guys; real gross. Lately, I've been sweating in my sleep. It's terrible. At first, my psychiatrist and I thought it was because I was weaning off my Klonopin and my body … Continue reading Let’s Get Real

The Time Has Come

I'm super excited to announce that I am getting my boobs done! Tyson and I went to my pre-op appointment yesterday to discuss sizing, procedure, post-op, and go over any other questions we had. This is something I have wanted since before I had Cash and felt even more strongly about after I had Tate … Continue reading The Time Has Come

Bad Mom Moments

Let's be honest, adulting is hard. But parenting is harder. We all have bad mom moments and here are a few of mine. My kids have this bad habit of waking up early, I mean 5 AM early. Sometimes I will hang out with the boys until 7 ish and then put Tate down for … Continue reading Bad Mom Moments

Saturday Struggle in Tahoe

I wish I could say this struggle was because I was hungover. 😂 Honestly this it's not really that big of a struggle. We are here with great friends and we are super excited about the weekend. It's just more of an inconvenience. A Saturday Inconvenience.  We came to Tahoe for the weekend and we … Continue reading Saturday Struggle in Tahoe

Update on Meal Planning

Well, I still hate cooking. But I'm working on enjoying it. I've been good about meal planning and trying to make sure I make dinner every night. Two nights last week didn't work out the way I had hoped; one night we got home too late to cook and one night the recipe didn't turn out … Continue reading Update on Meal Planning

Saturday Struggle

My Saturday struggle is the fact that Tate is still sick and very cranky. I am tired of having sick kids; this has gone on for over a week now. He's super whiny and nothing really makes him happy. And quite frankly I am just over it. I just took this photo as I was … Continue reading Saturday Struggle