Watch The Wall

I was sent this by a fellow blogger of mine and the words are so moving. If you don't read anything else today, please read this! I am pasting the poem here but you can check out the entire post here. Watch the wall my Darlings. Watch the wall my darlings as the gunman passes … Continue reading Watch The Wall


Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is doing everything right in my book lately. They have been talking about the issues that matter and don't show any signs of backing down anytime soon! They are getting political and teaching these kids it's okay to be educated and why it's important. The most recent post was about the Florida Shooting, … Continue reading Teen Vogue

Intruder Drill

A post I found from Timothy Phillip on Facebook hits all the right points, I hope you enjoy the post as much as I did. "Next Tuesday we will have an “active shooter” / intruder drill at our school, and I will hunker down behind flimsy wooden cabinet doors with my students. You see, we … Continue reading Intruder Drill

The Books I’ve Read In 2017

Here is my list of books I've read or listened to on Audible this year. A handful of these books I had to read for school but I ended up really liking most of the books I had to read. What have you read this year? What were your favorites? The Obsession - Nora Roberts … Continue reading The Books I’ve Read In 2017

Robin Williams

I recently came across a Robin Williams quote and it left me wanting more. I wanted more of his insight and wisdom. I wanted more of what he had to offer the world. I wanted to wait until today to post this in honor of him. ❤ The quote that started all of this was; … Continue reading Robin Williams

Immunization Awareness Month

August is Immunization Awareness Month. I know the vaccine topic is a touchy one that causes people to argue and I don't want that. I am more than happy to have an open conversation and hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter, but if you are going to be disrespectful to me or any other … Continue reading Immunization Awareness Month

George W. Bush & few things that we need to remember in the coming year (or four).

I saw this post on Upworthy and really liked it. I know my husband will like this post more than most of my other ones because he is a big fan of George W. Bush. So here are 7 quotes from the former President that we need to remember in the coming year, or four, … Continue reading George W. Bush & few things that we need to remember in the coming year (or four).