What I hope my children take from me

I will be completely honest with you, during the past semester Cash only went to school for 3 hours a day and then both Cash and Tate went to the daycare at our gym for 3-4 hours a day; however, every time I drop them off at the gym daycare I feel like I have … Continue reading What I hope my children take from me


You Didn’t Miss Your Chance

I took this, with permission, from fearless.aka.mom's Instagram. I love this whole post because it reminds us we can succeed at any age and not to give up! WE FUCKING GOT THIS! Much Love, Ashley At age 23, Tina Fey was working at a YMCA. At age 24, Stephen King was working as a janitor … Continue reading You Didn’t Miss Your Chance

Dear 2017

Dear 2017, You were a year like no other and I will not miss you. You will always be the year Donald Trump was sworn into office. You will always be the year white nationalists and racism were not discouraged by our president. You will always be the year of culture wars. You will always … Continue reading Dear 2017

Snowy Day Reading List

I love to read so I figured why not give you my top 5 books to read during these long winter months. I have read all 5 of these books this year so they are pretty fresh in my mind and I tried to get 5 different types of books so we could cover a … Continue reading Snowy Day Reading List

Jen’s Adoption Story

Keeping with the Adoption Awareness Month theme I wanted to share a story from someone I know personally. An old friend of mine from Utah reached out to me when I asked for adoption stories letting me know she was more than happy to share her story with me and the world. I love her story … Continue reading Jen’s Adoption Story

Who’s On Your List?

That's right, we're going there. It's the "list", the "hallpass", the "it's not cheating if it happens" conversation Everyone has one, even if you don't want to admit it, there are certain people that you would not give a second thought about if you were given the chance. And if you are going to lie to … Continue reading Who’s On Your List?


Sophmore year here I come, baby!!! I have high hopes for this semester. Especially after my fiasco of anthropology last semester. I have math with an incredible professor that I have had before so I know what to expect and what I need to do to get an A in her class. I also have 3 … Continue reading School!

Back to school 

🎼Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I'm not a fool! 🎵🎶 School is officially back in session for spring semester. I went on campus for my first class today and I was definitely the oldest person there. I doubt tomorrow will be any different. But I'm excited, and a little … Continue reading Back to school 

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! Have you ever wanted to say something and just get it out there for the world to see? I have, and that's why I started this blog. However, I want to extend this opportunity to all of you. You don't have to be a professional writer or anything like … Continue reading Guest Bloggers Wanted

Hello, I’m a millennial.

Simon Sinek gave a talk on millennials in the workplace on Inside Quest (IQ) with Tom Bilyeu. (You can watch the video here on youtube) I have gone back and watched this 15 minute video a few times now and want to make some serious changes in my life. Here’s a break-down of what he said. Millennials, … Continue reading Hello, I’m a millennial.