I’m Not A Racist

This is not easy to watch, but one I feel should be watched. It may be uncomfortable, but it's worth it. Please give me your thoughts. I think Joyner Lucas crushes this rap.


I was checking my email this evening and saw this interesting email: Dear Ashley, We were horrified by the neo-Nazi demonstration that took place in Charlottesville, which resulted in the loss of life of a young woman as well as two Virginia State Troopers responding to the protest. There is simply no place for this … Continue reading Uber

Friday Morning Struggle

We had an interesting morning in the Marsh house on Friday. Cash let me know randomly that his heart felt sad. I asked him why and he dropped a bomb on me that I honestly didn't think we would have to deal with for at least a few more years. Cash told me a girl … Continue reading Friday Morning Struggle

Impeachment March (Bay Area)

Hello, everyone. If any of my friends are in the Bay Area on July 2 come join us! Here is some information on the march. WHY WE MARCH Donald Trump has been in violation of the Constitution from the day he was sworn into the office of President. We cannot abide a Congress that turns … Continue reading Impeachment March (Bay Area)

Jim Comey’s Farewell Letter

I found this little piece of great literature on The Mary Sue. I always knew that my degree in English literature that I am still paying for would one day prove to be crucial in a world crisis. Now, I will expertly use the unique skills that I was trained in, like close reading and … Continue reading Jim Comey’s Farewell Letter


What do you think? What are everyone's thoughts on this?  I would honestly like to know if you think the 45th President of the United States should be looked into or if the case against him should be dropped. Countable explains it really well and explains the process. Here is the link for that web … Continue reading Impeachment?

A pro-choice template letter

So I'm posting this today instead of tomorrow because it shouldn't have to wait for Feminist Friday. dI know I keep urging you to write letters to your senators and/or congressman/woman but it needs to be done. I also know it may seem intimidating to do this. So I am going to make it easier. Here … Continue reading A pro-choice template letter

Do your part!

You're probably tired of hearing this, but it needs to be said. We need to be reminded. We need to do our part. If you are outraged by the new administration and their choices do something about it! Quit bitching on social media and fighting with your conservative family/friends. Go to the website 10 Actions … Continue reading Do your part!