Marsh Must-Have Movie List

Since we did our favorite Christmas music, we had to make a list of our favorite Christmas movies! So here is the "Marsh Must-Have Movie List" for Christmas! Die Hard It's a Wonderful Life How the Grinch Stole Christmas Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer - the old one Santa Clause is Coming to Town - … Continue reading Marsh Must-Have Movie List


My Christmas Wish List

I am going to be the first to admit that my Christmas list isn't very exciting this year. I'm wanting more practical things then I've ever wanted before in my life. Welcome to adulthood, I guess. 😦 However, I did add some books I would love to add to my library and a few accessories I … Continue reading My Christmas Wish List

30 Things I want to Accomplish in My 30’s

I will be turning 28 next March so I've got a little while but I wanted to start thinking and talking about what I'm going to do in my next decade of life. Some of these are exciting and should be very fun. Some of these are very 'adult' and necessary in my eyes. I … Continue reading 30 Things I want to Accomplish in My 30’s

My Summer Jams

Everyone has a playlist they love bumping all summer long so I thought I would share mine! DNA - Kendrick Lamar Loyalty - Kendrick Lamar FEAT Rihanna Humble - Kendrick Lamar Irish Celebration - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Glorious - Macklemore FEAT Skylar Grey Dance Off - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perfect Pint - Mike WiLL … Continue reading My Summer Jams

15 Signs You’re A Mom

Sometimes I walk past a mirror and cringe at my reflection. Other times I hear myself and some of the things I say to my boys makes me hang my head in shame. I am such a mom! It's disgusting! Here are my 15 telltale signs you are a mom, specifically a mom to toddlers. You … Continue reading 15 Signs You’re A Mom

Most influential dead people

I previously posted about the 10 people I thought were the most influential alive today (you can read that here) and decided I needed to make another list of influential people who have passed away. Again, these are in no particular order. Mother Teresa Martin Luther King Jr Coretta Scott King Walt Disney Steve Jobs … Continue reading Most influential dead people

Top 5 lies I heard while I was pregnant or a new parent

Ugh. Parenting advice is the worst! But when these heathens lie to you, it's even worse! As my first pregnancy progressed I kept wondering 'Why would you lie to me? Bastards!'  It's time to be honest about how frustrating, scary, annoying, and downright terrible pregnancy and parenting really is! (At least for me. 😀 ) "It … Continue reading Top 5 lies I heard while I was pregnant or a new parent

Some of My Favorite Books

I have a long list of books that I have truly enjoyed reading. However, I can't remember all of them, I have a terrible memory. 😦 So here are a few of the ones I remember, have on my kindle, or have the hard copy. Behind Closed Doors; by B.A. Paris I Am Not Myself These … Continue reading Some of My Favorite Books

10 things we need to say to our kids more often

I want to move away from the political posts for a minute today. In all honesty, it's depressing. Every time I get online or turn on the news something new strikes me so hard I just want to sit down and cry. So let's try and be better people in our everyday lives instead of … Continue reading 10 things we need to say to our kids more often

5 Things You Should Never Say to Me

I am good at covering up my sass, sometimes. These comments or questions get under my skin, every time. These are in no particular order, just put down randomly. "I think you've had enough to drink." - Umm who are you? My mother? Give me a break! "Did you tattoos hurt?" - Are you dumb? … Continue reading 5 Things You Should Never Say to Me