I felt this was appropriate for today after the comments made last night, two weekends ago, and my attitude today.      


Flowers & Tantrums

The difference between my two boys constantly amazes me and irritates the fuck out of me. Honestly, I don't know how I ended up with two boys who are so polar opposite. Cash is social, extroverted, and very friendly. Tate is introverted, very shy, and only "talks" or giggles around people he knows well. Yesterday and … Continue reading Flowers & Tantrums

Religious Freedom

For feminist Friday this week I am going to leave these two articles here for you to read. Just reading these two headlines really makes me a cranky bitch. Judge: Doctors Have “Religious Freedom” to Refuse to Treat Trans Patients, Women Who’ve Had Abortions and Judge rules doctors can refuse trans patients and women who … Continue reading Religious Freedom