Compliment Day

Today is compliment day so I've decided to write down all the compliments I want to give today here and then either text them out or give them in person. 🙂 What compliments are you giving out today? Who are you giving them out to? To my husband, Tyson, you are such a hard worker who … Continue reading Compliment Day


My Goals For 2018

Everyone has their lists for what they want to accomplish in the new year and I figured if I didn't do one I'm not a "real" blogger. Ahahaha So here's mine. Be a better wife. Be more active in my community; whether that is getting involved in community service, politics, or something else I find worthwhile. … Continue reading My Goals For 2018

Dear 2017

Dear 2017, You were a year like no other and I will not miss you. You will always be the year Donald Trump was sworn into office. You will always be the year white nationalists and racism were not discouraged by our president. You will always be the year of culture wars. You will always … Continue reading Dear 2017

Friendship Day

Today is friendship day so I wanted to write a post to celebrate all of the amazing friendships we've made over the past few years. Even if we don't talk much anymore or hardly ever see each other, know you hold a special place in my heart. ❤ The Hillis Family! The Tichenor Family! The … Continue reading Friendship Day

Sunday Funday!

I know it's late and I'm sorry about that. It was Cash's birthday and Father's Day so needless to say it's been a busy day. I can not believe my little Cash man is 4 already! It seems like it's gone by so fast! Honestly, it seems like just over a year ago we were … Continue reading Sunday Funday!

Long Distance Friendship

So I have this friend.... This isn't what you think. 😉 Anyway, I have known her since childhood. We talk sporadically, but it's not just small talk. We can talk about life, which I've found is rare with acquaintances and sometimes even 'friends'. She's strong, compassionate, and says what's on her mind; all of which … Continue reading Long Distance Friendship