Feature Friday – Feminist Script

Today we are highlighting FeministScript. To use their own words they are a "feminist with an intersectional lens standing up to all the kyriarchies." The person behind this Instagram account would like to remain anonymous because they believe that feminism is for everyone thus they don't want to make one person the face of feminism and I completely respect … Continue reading Feature Friday – Feminist Script


Compliment Day

Today is compliment day so I've decided to write down all the compliments I want to give today here and then either text them out or give them in person. 🙂 What compliments are you giving out today? Who are you giving them out to? To my husband, Tyson, you are such a hard worker who … Continue reading Compliment Day

Girl Gang

I posted this photo on my Instagram account and it immediately blew up! Within an hour there were 81 likes and 26 comments of women wanting to get in on this "Girl Gang." One woman, in particular, gave me a wonderful idea! Momandposh (Jess) said, "I say we all hashtag this #avodkakindofmom18 and make it a follow!!!" … Continue reading Girl Gang

Feature Friday Roll Out

I will be rolling out a new series of Feature Friday posts starting this Friday and I am so excited about it! I wanted to start it in the New Year but I literally couldn't wait that long to share these incredible features with you! I have wanted to start highlighting people who are making … Continue reading Feature Friday Roll Out

Feature Friday – Erinsgobragh

Welcome to another feature Friday!!! Today we are highlighting Erinsgobragh!!! Facebook Instagram Youtube What made you want to start blogging?  Becoming a mother and fighting chronic pain. What is your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much? Oh gosh, I don't have just one! I have many. I … Continue reading Feature Friday – Erinsgobragh

Feature Friday – I Just Wanna Finish My…

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! Today we are highlighting I just wanna finish my....coffee, meal, sentence, thought... Her blog is great! It has a big variety of hacks, mom life, recipes, and projects to do with your kiddos!   I'm an occupational therapist turned stay at home mom of two little ones who wants … Continue reading Feature Friday – I Just Wanna Finish My…

Feature Friday – Dorky Mom Doodles

Hi everyone!!! Welcome to another feature Friday! I'm really excited about this week's feature because Dorky Mom Doodles is hilarious, raw, and honest. Who doesn't love that when it comes to parenting? We all need a little laughter when it comes to this parenting business. Dorky Mom Doodles creator Erika hails from South Carolina and … Continue reading Feature Friday – Dorky Mom Doodles

Feature Friday – The Freehearted

Welcome to another edition of Feature Friday! Sarah's blog The Freehearted is full of fun tips, tricks, updates, and must read's on motherhood, parenting, recipes, party planning and so much more! Here is a little background from Sarah: My name is Sarah and I'm the writer behind The Freehearted. I am married to a wonderful man, have … Continue reading Feature Friday – The Freehearted

Living with Bipolar as a Mother.

I have connected with so many women and men from different walks of life and Erika's story is one that I want to share with you all. Erika is a mother, wife, daughter, friend, blogger, kind woman who just happens to have bipolar disorder. Hopefully, after reading her story you will think differently about mental … Continue reading Living with Bipolar as a Mother.

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

What is PUPPs you may ask? The easiest, most basic explanation is a skin condition seen in pregnancy. 1% of pregnant women get this non-contagious skin rash which results in bumpy skin that constantly and intensely itches. Women develop small bumps and hives that starts on the abdomen and spreads to the thighs, butt, breasts, … Continue reading Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy