National Trivia Day

Today is National Trivia Day so I have decided to put together a little quiz for you! I will try and include all sorts of different types of questions from sports to alcohol to history! Comment and let me know how many you got correct! QUESTIONS: Who was the first president to live in the … Continue reading National Trivia Day


Beer Yoga

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that correctly. Beer yoga. It is a thing; a thing I desperately want to try. I've been wanting to try yoga and why not add something I love into it? You can read all about it here.

Saturday Struggle in Tahoe

I wish I could say this struggle was because I was hungover. ūüėā Honestly this it's not really that big of a struggle. We are here with great friends and we are super excited about the weekend. It's just more of an inconvenience. A Saturday Inconvenience.  We came to Tahoe for the weekend and we … Continue reading Saturday Struggle in Tahoe

Ugly Sweaters

Anyone that knows me should know that I don't like¬†ugly sweater parties. I dislike¬†them. I actually kind of¬†hate them. Now you may ask why I hate them so much. "Everyone loves a good ugly sweater party." "They have companies devoted to ugly sweaters." "They are so fun!" Blah blah blah. I don't care! Why in … Continue reading Ugly Sweaters