Strong Women Who Helped Me

To continue you with our Feature Friday/Feminist Friday series we have a man who considers himself a feminist and more importantly someone who I look up to and admire. Here is his story; When I was younger, I didn’t really understand feminism. I always looked up to the strong women in my life, and I … Continue reading Strong Women Who Helped Me


Live A Life Free From Addictions

Live a Life Free From Addictions In the present day, addiction has become one of the alarming issues in our society. People are becoming addicted to drugs regardless of their age and gender. Addiction is a serious issue that is faced by people across the world and they used to spend a lot of money … Continue reading Live A Life Free From Addictions

My Daughter is My Driving Force

I have another special guest post for Truthful Tuesday. This is Molly Ryujin. Molly and I were acquaintances back when I was in junior high/high school. We went to shows at Boom Va; holy fuck that makes me feel so old (and dumb). ***Any of my old friends from Utah will read this and reminisce/cringe while … Continue reading My Daughter is My Driving Force