National Trivia Day

Today is National Trivia Day so I have decided to put together a little quiz for you! I will try and include all sorts of different types of questions from sports to alcohol to history! Comment and let me know how many you got correct! QUESTIONS: Who was the first president to live in the … Continue reading National Trivia Day


Feature Friday Roll Out

I will be rolling out a new series of Feature Friday posts starting this Friday and I am so excited about it! I wanted to start it in the New Year but I literally couldn't wait that long to share these incredible features with you! I have wanted to start highlighting people who are making … Continue reading Feature Friday Roll Out

10 most influential people

I wanted to write a list, yes I love lists, of my top 10 celebrities and public figures. They are people I look up to and people who inspire me for one reason or another. It was really hard to pick just 10 people. There are so many great people who are doing great things for … Continue reading 10 most influential people