Learn to Stand Up for Yourself

Originally published by Behavioral Health Treatment, Manisses Communications Group, Inc. Do you feel ignored, overworked, underappreciated, misunderstood? If so, you may benefit from becoming more assertive. "Assertiveness" means standing up for yourself and expressing your rights and feelings without denying the right and feelings of others. The nonassertive person lets bothersome things go by without speaking up. Nonassertive … Continue reading Learn to Stand Up for Yourself


The Trouble with Bright Girls

Originally by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. Successful women know only too well that in any male-dominated profession, we often find ourselves at a distinct disadvantage. We are routinely underestimated, underutilized and even underpaid. Studies show that women need to perform at extraordinarily high levels, just to appear moderately competent compared to our male coworkers. But … Continue reading The Trouble with Bright Girls

5 tips to help with anxiety

We have such an amazing guest post today from Nikki who runs the Instagram account Charlietakesphx and the website Charlie takes Phoenix. If you have ever struggled with mental health issues this post is for you! I know I will be coming back to this post on my harder days.   I make a joke that … Continue reading 5 tips to help with anxiety

My Favorite Bechdel Movies

What is the Bechdel Test? It's a simple test which follows three criteria: (1) it has to have at least two women in it, who (2) talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man. You may think this is an easy thing to do but it's actually not done often enough! Anyway, I … Continue reading My Favorite Bechdel Movies

Lover’s Day

I know last Saturday was Husband Appreciation Day but today is Lover's Day and I wanted to make sure we include all kinds of couples and relationships so we are celebrating this as well! Give your lover an extra hug and kiss today, tell them how much they mean to you, get them some flowers, … Continue reading Lover’s Day

Sexism In School

Written by the intelligent young woman behind Feministrength. Sexism in school? A matter we must stop silencing in attempt to avoid its possible complicity, and start talking and working with. As a school student myself, aged 15, I’m constantly faced with everyday sexism in the school environment. Schools should be a place in which young … Continue reading Sexism In School

Shocking Facts About Your Period

That time of the month. Being on the rag. Mother Nature's monthly gift. A visit from Aunt Flo. Shark week. (my least favorite) Ladies, let's talk about our periods. I kind of hate that people are so scared or embarrassed to talk about their periods. I have every intention of doing another post directed towards men, … Continue reading Shocking Facts About Your Period

Support. Who Gives it and Who Expects it?

I have had a few discussions in my psychology class about support in relationships. It's been interesting to hear who gives support and who expects it. Along with these discussions we have been researching the topic and everything I'm finding is extremely interesting to me. According to psychologists, women and girls are taught to do … Continue reading Support. Who Gives it and Who Expects it?

Like A Lady

Brittany May is the incredible woman behind Fierce Females, where she empowers women and is completely honest about herself, her struggles, and her triumphs. When asked what her biggest life goal is she responds with "My goal is to live a life for myself; a life I'm proud of." What is not to love about that?!?! … Continue reading Like A Lady