Flowers & Tantrums

The difference between my two boys constantly amazes me and irritates the fuck out of me. Honestly, I don't know how I ended up with two boys who are so polar opposite. Cash is social, extroverted, and very friendly. Tate is introverted, very shy, and only "talks" or giggles around people he knows well. Yesterday and … Continue reading Flowers & Tantrums


Girl’s Girl

I've been contemplating these terms of "girl's girl" and "man's man." What do they really mean when you get down to it? Is it wrong to not be a "girl's girl" or a "man's man?" Should we want to fall into these categories? Will we have more friends if we do? Are they just another … Continue reading Girl’s Girl

A Vodka Worthy Day

Somehow my aunt just knew that I was struggling today. She randomly sent me this adorable video from FB: So a little insight into my day: My kids are driving me crazy! All they have done today is argue with me, whine at me, and ignore me when I ask them to do things. … Continue reading A Vodka Worthy Day

Toddlers and Bad Dreams

Last night was a rough one in the Marsh household. Cash woke up around 2 AM and had locked himself in his room so he couldn't open his bedroom door. He had turned off the sound machine and turned on the lights. So of course, Tate woke up. Tyson tried to go into their room, calm … Continue reading Toddlers and Bad Dreams

Valentines Day

I kind of dislike Valentines Day. I'm not even single and I dislike it. I don't dislike it because 'it's such a hallmark holiday' blah blah blah bull shit. Maybe it's just me, but Valentines Day is really stressful, which is why I don't like it. I am normally a person who loves giving gifts. … Continue reading Valentines Day

How to get over a break up

NOTE: Tyson and I are not separated or anything like that. A friend of mine broke up with her long time boyfriend and that is what has prompted me to write this post. So, you guys broke up huh? Whether you're hurt or thrilled I have the answer. These steps will definitely help smother the … Continue reading How to get over a break up

A Vodka Kind of Day

I have debated posting this or not and finally decided that if I am going to commit to this I need to be as honest as possible and not hide the hard parts of our lives, to an extent. So, here you go world. We recently went on a trip to Utah, which is where … Continue reading A Vodka Kind of Day