Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

I have another guest post for you guys today and I'm loving it!!! She has so many great ideas for Halloween! I can not wait to take the boys and look for costumes! Even though it’s still a few weeks away, if you want to go to a Halloween party and be breathtakingly stunning, you … Continue reading Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017


Vacationing Alone

The idea keeps coming into my head about going on vacation without my kids. Now let me explain before of you who are "all about your kids, all the time" jump on my shit. I have never spent more than 24 hours away from both my boys. I don't work which means I don't ever … Continue reading Vacationing Alone

Q & A

I've never done something like this but I thought it might be interesting. So this is how it's going to work; Comment on Facebook, IG, twitter, or WordPress any question you have for me or my family and I will answer truthfully. You can email me if you would like it to be anonymous and I will … Continue reading Q & A

Friendship Day

Today is friendship day so I wanted to write a post to celebrate all of the amazing friendships we've made over the past few years. Even if we don't talk much anymore or hardly ever see each other, know you hold a special place in my heart. ❤ The Hillis Family! The Tichenor Family! The … Continue reading Friendship Day

My Summer Jams

Everyone has a playlist they love bumping all summer long so I thought I would share mine! DNA - Kendrick Lamar Loyalty - Kendrick Lamar FEAT Rihanna Humble - Kendrick Lamar Irish Celebration - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Glorious - Macklemore FEAT Skylar Grey Dance Off - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Perfect Pint - Mike WiLL … Continue reading My Summer Jams

Sunday Funday!

I know it's late and I'm sorry about that. It was Cash's birthday and Father's Day so needless to say it's been a busy day. I can not believe my little Cash man is 4 already! It seems like it's gone by so fast! Honestly, it seems like just over a year ago we were … Continue reading Sunday Funday!

Mother’s Day Do-Over?

Can I get real with you all for a minute? I want a do-over. Also, sick kids suck! They are cranky, whiny, obnoxious, snotty, and they won't leave you alone. Worse than sick kids is having sick kids while you are sick. Which was my Mother's Day; I have some sort of sinus infection or … Continue reading Mother’s Day Do-Over?

Things you should never say to a mom

In honor of Mother's Day: Every single mom has those horror stories about the insane comments people say to you while pregnant, a mom to babies, a mom to toddlers, a mom to school-aged children, a mom to pre-teens, and a mom to teens. I do not have any experience with comments to school-aged children … Continue reading Things you should never say to a mom

15 Signs You’re A Mom

Sometimes I walk past a mirror and cringe at my reflection. Other times I hear myself and some of the things I say to my boys makes me hang my head in shame. I am such a mom! It's disgusting! Here are my 15 telltale signs you are a mom, specifically a mom to toddlers. You … Continue reading 15 Signs You’re A Mom

One of those days…

Today was one of those days where I am completely happy with my life. I feel so lucky to have my wonderful husband. A man who helps me raise our two children. A man who helps me raise out children to be confident and respectful boys. A man who supports me financially, mentally, and physically. A … Continue reading One of those days…