Q & A

Q & A

I’ve never done something like this but I thought it might be interesting.

So this is how it’s going to work; Comment on Facebook, IG, twitter, or WordPress any question you have for me or my family and I will answer truthfully. You can email me if you would like it to be anonymous and I will post the question for you and answer it.

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Friendship Day

Friendship Day

Today is friendship day so I wanted to write a post to celebrate all of the amazing friendships we’ve made over the past few years. Even if we don’t talk much anymore or hardly ever see each other, know you hold a special place in my heart. ❤

The Hillis Family!

The Tichenor Family!

The Teixeira Family!

Sorrenta and Randall!

Lauren and Chris!


Our SF Friends!

I know I’m leaving so many people out, I just don’t have pictures of everyone and felt like it was cheating to go snatch them from your FB’s. 😦

Anyway, thank you to all of our wonderful friends, we are so lucky to have you in our lives and the lives of our children.


My Summer Jams

My Summer Jams

Everyone has a playlist they love bumping all summer long so I thought I would share mine!

  • DNA – Kendrick Lamar
  • Loyalty – Kendrick Lamar FEAT Rihanna
  • Humble – Kendrick Lamar
  • Irish Celebration – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Glorious – Macklemore FEAT Skylar Grey
  • Dance Off – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Perfect Pint – Mike WiLL Made-it FEAT Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, and Rae Sremmurd
  • No Frauds – Nicki Minaj FEAT Drake and Lil Wayne
  • Bad and Boujee – Migos FEAT Lil Uzi Vert
  • Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
  • 2U – David Guetta FEAT Justin Bieber
  • Down – Fifth Harmony FEAT Gucci Mane
  • Despacito – Luis Fonso & Daddy Yankee FEAT Justin Bieber
  • I’m The One – DJ Khaled FEAT Justin Biever, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne
  • Did You See – J Hus
  • Unforgettable – French Montana FEAT Swae Lee
  • Slide – Calvin Harris FEAT Frank Ocean & Migos
  • Swalla – Jason Derulo FEAT Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign
  • Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
  • Not In Love – M.O. FEAT Kent Jones
  • Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  • 2 On – Tinashe
  • Girl at Coachella – Matoma FEAT MAGIC!, and DRAM
  • Body Like A Back Road – Sam Hunt
  • Phone Down – Lost Kings
  • False Alarm – Matoma
  • First Time – Kygo
  • Mama – Jonas Blue
  • Capsize – Frenship
  • Hunter – Galantis
  • Missing – EDX
  • Paradise – Matoma FEAT KStewart
  • Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled FEAT Rihanna
  • It’s Not Cookie Time – Ian Ewing
  • Still Got Time – Zayn FEAT PartyNextDoor
  • Prayers Up – Calvin Harris
  • Know No Better – Major Lazer
  • Don’t Quit – DJ Kahled
  • Whippin – Kiiara FEAT Felix Snow
  • P.Y.T. – Eden Prince
  • Strip That Down – Liam Payne
  • I like Me Better – Lauv
  • Attention – Charlie Puth
  • Thunder – Imagine Dragons
  • Your Song – Rita Ora
  • There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes
  • High Without Your Love – Loote
  • Butterfly Effect – Travis Scott
  • The Way I Are – Bebe Rexha FEAT Lil Wayne
  • Swish Swish – Katy Perry
  • Bad Liar – Selena Gomez
  • Slow Hands – Niall Horan
  • Crew – Goldlink
  • Dante’s Creek – THEY.
  • Run Free – Dantes FEAT Og Maco and Wifisfuneral
  • 26 Inches – I.Am.Tru.Starr

What are some of your favorite songs to jam out to this summer?

Sunday Funday!

I know it’s late and I’m sorry about that. It was Cash’s birthday and Father’s Day so needless to say it’s been a busy day.

I can not believe my little Cash man is 4 already! It seems like it’s gone by so fast! Honestly, it seems like just over a year ago we were moving to the city to live with Tyson and he was only 16 months old. Now he’s 4 and Tate is already 18 months old! It just blows my mind.

We had a birthday party for him yesterday and it just blew me away how many amazing friends we have that love and support our kids. We are so incredibly blessed to have met these wonderful people! He got so many fun presents and has absolutely loved opening and playing with them all. And so has Tate, which Cash is not enjoying so much. ahahaha

Even though today was Father’s Day Tyson got up with the boys this morning and took Cash out for donuts. He got his workout in and then went out with all the “boys” from the gym. I truly think the girls got the better end of this deal. We got to put the kids in Kids World, sit at the bar for a few hours. We got to have lunch and a few drinks then we went out to the pool with the kids and the dads came less than 10 minutes later.

One of the best things about this friend group we have found is that we can just trade off kids. I am more than happy to throw a few kids around in the pool but when I get tired I can pawn them off on someone else and they don’t care at all. We all take our turns and look out for each other.

On the not so fun side of the day, I have been packing up my bag and getting ready for summer semester to start tomorrow. Welcome to 6 weeks of hell. I have a feeling the next 6 weeks are going to be filled with stress, anxiety, jealousy, and frustration. ahahaha Now that I have friends I want to spend time with every weekend I think this will be my last summer semester of classes.

Why should I rush it? ahahaha

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day! Celebrate the dads in your life. They are very special and incredible men!

Mother’s Day Do-Over?

Mother’s Day Do-Over?

Can I get real with you all for a minute?

I want a do-over.

Also, sick kids suck! They are cranky, whiny, obnoxious, snotty, and they won’t leave you alone. Worse than sick kids is having sick kids while you are sick. Which was my Mother’s Day; I have some sort of sinus infection or a horrible migraine and both boys are sick.

Tyson tried to be helpful and let me sleep, make me one of my favorite foods from home (Scones, which I learned after moving here are not actually ‘scones’. However, if you’re from Utah and ask for a scone everyone knows what you’re talking about. It is deep fried amazing-ness with honey butter. It’s also known as fry bread, Tyson informed me today.) and mimosas. However, because I was feeling so lousy it took me a long time to get moving and by mid afternoon I think he was really frustrated with the kids. As I said earlier they were extremely whiny, a constant drip of boogers ran from their noses, and they just wanted attention; especially Tate.

What I’m trying to get at is I would like to have a Mother’s Day do over… Is that a thing? I had high hopes for today. Brunch and mimosas, some alone time to do some long overdue homework, and some time to just relax. Unfortunately, I don’t see it in our future. 😦

Maybe next year the boys and I can get our acts together and not be sick on Mother’s Day. I would love to enjoy a few mimosas and sunshine with a nice book.

A girl can dream, right?

Things you should never say to a mom

Things you should never say to a mom

In honor of Mother’s Day:

Every single mom has those horror stories about the insane comments people say to you while pregnant, a mom to babies, a mom to toddlers, a mom to school-aged children, a mom to pre-teens, and a mom to teens. I do not have any experience with comments to school-aged children and older but I have had my fair share of comments already.

  • You look tired. Ummm… go fuck yourself. Who do you think you are? You don’t look like a dime either!
  • What do you do all day? (for a stay at home mom) Do you ever see your kids? (for a working mom) Both lives are hard. They each have different struggles and if you have never been in their shoes just shut up! I have done both and both are difficult. Both come with their own set of challenges and sacrifices.
  • Why didn’t you (insert task here) today? Do you know what I deal with all day? Have you ever spend all day with toddlers? You try and clean and they immediately come behind you with another tornado of a mess. Or have you ever tried to shower with two toddlers? They will get in the toilet, tear up the toilet paper, get in your makeup, etc. Or have you ever tried to have a life when you have multiple kids in different sports? You’re basically a glorified uber driver with no time for yourself.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. Ah, the age-old advice to every new mother. Yeah, that would be great but there is so much that needs to be done around the house. Who else is going to do it? Are you going to come over and clean my house and do my laundry and make dinner? No, I didn’t think so.
  • It only gets worse as they get older. One, thanks for making me feel even worse than I already do, dick. Two, maybe it did for your kids because they are ass holes. Three, everyone has different strengths. Some people can deal with teenagers much better than others. And some people can be considered as baby whispers. Every child is different and every parent is different so quit trying to scare us young parents!
  • Oh my, you have your hands full. Are you trying to say I can’t handle my children? Are you saying I have too many kids? Are you saying my kids are being brats? Thanks for your input but no thanks.
  • Enjoy this time. Enjoy what? I’m supposed to enjoy the smacking, hitting, screaming, back talking, mini me walking around outside of my body? Umm…. how? Please enlighten me on how much you enjoyed your child’s early years.
  • Are you loving it? Who is going to say no? No normal parent is going to admit they are not loving being a parent, but that shit is hard. EVERYONE has ups and downs while parenting. You love your kid/s but god damn it, they can test you every single day!

Obviously, most of these pertain to parents with younger children because that’s all I know right now. What are some things people have said to you that caused you to take 3 deep breaths before responding?

Anyway, Happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers out there! You are all superheroes!!! ❤

15 Signs You’re A Mom

Sometimes I walk past a mirror and cringe at my reflection. Other times I hear myself and some of the things I say to my boys makes me hang my head in shame. I am such a mom! It’s disgusting! Here are my 15 telltale signs you are a mom, specifically a mom to toddlers.

  1. You live in Lululemon, Fabletics, Lorna Jane or something similar.
  2. You always have snacks.
  3. The majority of the time your hair is up in a ponytail.
  4. At the end of the day, the last thing you want is to talk or be touched by anyone.
  5. By mid-day, your clothing usually has some sort of stain on it.
  6. You are basically a glorified Lyft driver, escorting kids to and from classes, practices, and games.
  7. You hardly wear makeup, it’s just not worth the time it takes to put it on, not to mention leaving the kids alone for that long.
  8. You know all the theme songs to every Disney Jr. cartoon, popular Disney movies, and/or Nick Jr. cartoons.
  9. Your car is in a constant state of disaster.
  10. Your shopping cart has more snacks than “real” food.
  11. On that same note, going to the grocery store alone is a mini vacation.
  12. You have no shame in yelling at your kids in public.
  13. Any issues you had with nudity are completely gone because you can’t shower, pee, or change without an audience now.
  14. You are the best multitasker!
  15. There are always stickers on your body or clothes. ALWAYS!