Chloe & Isabel

Chloe & Isabel

So I am not one to normally wear jewelry but a friend of mine sells for Chloe and Isabel and I always see her wearing very cute jewelry that just adds to her outfits. I decided to take a look and I fell in love with so many different pieces. I ended up getting 3 pieces and I couldn’t be happier with them.

My package came quickly, which is always a plus because I hate waiting for things to come in the mail. It was packed so cute and made me feel really special. Another friend is having a jewelry party later this month and I can’t wait to go and order a few more things for my collection!!!

If you want to check out her collection you can here.

I ordered the Northern Lights Statement Necklace IMG_3010

Bianca Teardrop Ring IMG_2966

And the Crystal Square Pendant Necklace.IMG_2968

6 Budget-Friendly Beauty Essentials for Busy Moms

Daniel Lewis is back for another great guest post! Check out his previous guest post, Tips for a busy mom on how to master a fast, every day make up routine and his social media accounts!

6 budget-friendly beauty essentials for busy moms.


It is tough being a parent and it is the mothers who bear the biggest brunt. They have to ensure that those under their care are clean, comfortable and safe. This includes their kids and their husbands as well. It gets even tougher when the mom is working since they have to be super women at home and at the office. They have to ensure that everything is okay at home and at the workplace. This leaves them with very little time for grooming and personal care. To make sure that busy moms still look gorgeous and attractive, we have developed this guide that highlights some of the beauty essentials for busy moms. Considering that we are facing tough financial times, the beauty essentials mentioned in this piece are budget-friendly and affordable.

  1. Moisturizer. 

This is one of the beauty essentials that you cannot do without as a mom. As you go about your duties at home or in the office, you lose moisture from the skin as a result of exposure to harsh conditions such as strong wind and direct sunlight. This necessitates that you use a moisturizer every now and then so as to maintain your skin’s hydration and smoothness. Pick a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic in nature so as to avoid clogging your pores when you use them. It is also advisable to pick a moisturizer with a higher SPF value so as to keep harsh sun rays at bay. When buying a moisturizer, it should be noted that price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. You can find great moisturizers at a good price and all you have to do is to look around.

2. Cleanser.

You cannot go to bed with your makeup on. This has the effect of clogging your pores and this may result in breakouts and other skin blemishes. A cleanser would clear the makeup on your skin and this opens up your pores to breathe. It hydrates your skin as well and this primes you up for makeup application the next day. There are a lot of affordable cleansers in the market that are effective for this purpose.

  1. A concealer.

Concealers are great for covering makeup blemishes on your skin. They cover up dark circles as well as rosacea blemishes on your cheeks. Considering your busy schedule, these blemishes will come up often and this makes a concealer one of the beauty essentials that you can’t do without. You won’t have to pay high prices for the best concealers since the market is flooded with cheap and affordable concealers that are just as great.

  1. Lip gloss.

A little lip gloss on your lips will make them brighter and your smile bright as well. Your mouth is the first thing that people notice when talking to you and you should make an effort to make your lips as attractive as possible. Dry lips are such a turn-off and people may avoid you because of this. The benefit of lip gloss is that it is easy to use and you can quickly apply them on your lips for a great look. They are very cheap as well and you can stock up several of them in different shades.

5. Blush. 


This is another beauty product that makes it into the list of budget-friendly beauty essentials for busy moms. All it takes is a few quick strokes on your skin and your appearance goes from dull to bright. Pick a blush in a shade closer to your skin tone for a natural and glowing look. Blush is one of the affordable makeup items that won’t blow your budget even when you buy several of them.

6. Mascara. 

Mascara makes your eyes pop and this gives you an alert look. Your busy schedule may give you a tired look but with mascara, you are able to spruce up your appearance. For the best look, use minerals makeup that nourishes and enhances your skin.


As a mom, your priorities lie with your kids and family. This may leave you with little time for personal grooming and self-care. We hope this guide will help you maintain a beautiful appearance as you go about your duties.




Flowers & Tantrums

The difference between my two boys constantly amazes me and irritates the fuck out of me. Honestly, I don’t know how I ended up with two boys who are so polar opposite. Cash is social, extroverted, and very friendly. Tate is introverted, very shy, and only “talks” or giggles around people he knows well.

Yesterday and today were such good examples of my two children. Both of them were crying but for very different reasons and lengths of time.

Cash has started this new habit of wanting to pick me flowers on our walk home or to the gym. The problem with this is they aren’t really flowers they are just weeds, and they are usually dead by the time we leave the gym or I just throw them away when we get home because they are going to die in a few short hours. As we were walking home last night I asked Cash not to pick me a flower and Tyson explained they just die anyway. Cash started crying because he wanted to pick me a flower and be sweet. He thought we were being rude saying not to do something nice for mommy. I tried to explain to him that there are different ways to show love and one of my favorite ways is through touching and affection. AKA his snuggles.

To make things better we went to the store this morning on our way to school and I let him pick out some flowers for mommy. He was so excited to do this and know that they would stay alive for at least a week. I think we may have to plant some flowers just so he can always feel like he’s getting me something.

He is such a sweet and kind hearted kid. ❤


Tate, on the other hand, has been screaming all day. He literally only stopped when he was napping, at Kids World, or had a treat. I tried to get him in the cart at the grocery store this afternoon and he got so mad at me because he wanted to walk that he hit me in the face. Literally slapped me across the face. I was livid. I put him on the ground so I could talk to him and he just threw himself on the ground and threw a fit, right in the middle of the parking lot. I put him in his car seat and shut the door. I literally sat outside the car with Cash for a solid 3 minutes trying to calm down while Tate screamed in the car. It was not a good parenting moment for me.

After Kids World I brought the boys home and tried to feed him dinner. He can tell us the foods he wants but he kept saying no to everything I offered him. He finally agreed on a bar. He got mad though because I made him sit in his high chair and so he ripped it all up and threw it onto the floor. Then he asked for yogurt. He emptied the yogurt on his tray then proceeded to through the spoon and container onto the floor. At this point I am so beyond angry I am counting down the minutes until Tyson gets home so I can walk away from him. He asked for rice as he was sitting in his high chair screaming so I warmed up some rice for him and he immediately threw that on the floor as well. After this, I just left it there and left him there. Tyson came home shortly after, thankfully. I’m including pictures because no one seems to believe me that he is a complete and utter monster.

We think his stomach hurts but this attitude and behavior is not something new, nor is that an excuse. He is constantly hitting, kicking, biting, and pinching Cash and me, as well as pulling my hair. I am at a loss for what to do. I have tried time out, I have tried being stern with him, I have tried yelling at him, I have tried ignoring him, absolutely nothing works. Nothing is changing. I am ready to give up. 😦 So here’s a big fuck you to Monday and parenting today in general. If I didn’t have class tomorrow I would be drunk right now. Ahahaha

IMG_2296 2

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, or in your prayers, whatever it is you do.



Sophmore year here I come, baby!!!

I have high hopes for this semester. Especially after my fiasco of anthropology last semester. I have math with an incredible professor that I have had before so I know what to expect and what I need to do to get an A in her class. I also have 3 psychology classes, which will be really good for me. I have Intro to Biological Psychology, Life Span Development, and Psychology of Personality. My Psych of Personality is an online class and the rest are on campus.

I also just registered for a History of Jazz course to fulfill my art requirement. It’s offered online so I don’t have to worry about hiring the nanny for more time, or it conflicting with my other 3 classes, or anything like that. Unfortunately, the book from the book store is $150 and on Amazon, it’s $50. So I have to wait until next week sometime to get the book. Fingers crossed that will be okay.

If you don’t see me until December I’m sorry. Ahahaha


Friday Morning Struggle

Friday Morning Struggle

We had an interesting morning in the Marsh house on Friday. Cash let me know randomly that his heart felt sad. I asked him why and he dropped a bomb on me that I honestly didn’t think we would have to deal with for at least a few more years.

Cash told me a girl at Kids World (the gym daycare) didn’t want to play with him because he was “brown.” I was shocked and taken back for a few seconds. His age group at KW is 2 1/2 – 5-year-olds; so where in the hell is a child under the age of 5 learning about white and brown? I know the answer to that, it’s just frustrating to think a parent would teach their children terrible views like that or simply talk about it and teach their kids through their own actions. 

Anyway, I asked Cash who was “brown” and he proceeds to say obvious friends of ours like Papa Alo (who is Brazilian), Dave (who is Indian), Che Che (Alo’s son), and PJ (who is black). Then he added in my husband Tyson and our other son Tate (who are both light skinned compared to Cash) and Preston (our friend Billy and Tiff’s son who has blonde hair and blue eyes). He clearly has no idea what brown or white means when it comes to skin color.

I told him the right thing to do is to not worry what color of skin someone has and instead just play with all of our friends. He agreed with me and then told me Charlotte (our friend Annie and Dan’s adorable and sweet daughter) is white so she can’t play with him anymore. I asked him if Charlotte said that or the other girl. Cash said the other girl said it but Charlotte played with him anyway.


A huge shout out to mama Annie and papa Dan for raising a strong girl who goes against the grain when she needs to. She’s going to be an incredible woman, just like her mama. ❤

It is heartbreaking to hear a child say he can only play with brown kids now because some ass hat is teaching their child racism. I hope I handled the situation correctly but I guess only time will tell.

Moral of the story; please teach your kids to love all skin colors and body types. There’s no need for hate in this world.


Summer Semester

Summer semester has officially begun!

I am going to be completely honest with you and tell you all that I am pretty terrified of this semester. I am taking “real” classes that I need and two of them not interest me at all. I have an astronomy class, which is one of those two, so early in the morning! The teacher’s mannerisms are annoying. I can’t eat or drink my Redbull in the class, which really fucks with my whole day. And there’s no one in there over the age of 22. Which is fine I guess, but I loved my classes last semester because there were those random people who were going back to school later in life and we always had this common friendship. Granted they were always significantly older than me, but I was not right out of high school like the rest of our classmates.

Anyway, back to school…

So I have that Astro class and then I have a Psychology class, which should be really great because I like the subject which always makes a class easier. Minus the room doesn’t have AC. (What I mean is it’s broken. And it was broken in that building all last semester as well.) And if you don’t live in the Bay Area let me just give you an idea of what the weather is supposed to be like for the next few days….


Yup, in the 90’s until Saturday. I have class Monday through Thursday. And to make matters worse this isn’t a morning class. This class goes from 10:20 (when it’s already in the 80’s) to 12:35. Hopefully, they get it fixed soon or it’s going to be a really hard 6 weeks.

I also have an Anthropology class online. I am not especially excited about this class but it shouldn’t be too terribly hard. (I hope). It really just checks off a box for my required classes to transfer so I just have to grin and bear it (and get an A of course).

Well, it past midnight (and this was supposed to be a “Monday Minute” post….oops) and I have been doing homework for a little more than 2 hours, on my first day of school. 😦 I am exhausted and going to bed. I hope you all had a wonderful Monday and I will see/chat with you tomorrow! ❤

PS I found this very funny. 🙂

summer classes

Signs You’re A Dad

To go along with my mom post for Mother’s Day, here’s one for the fellas. 🙂

I know I’m not a dad, but I live with one so I think I can spot the signs of a total dad. 🙂

  1. Dad jokes. Tyson might possibly be the best with the dad jokes; he is in a close competition with his own dad. Sadly though, Tyson had those dad jokes long before Cash and I came along.
  2. You are able to fall asleep anywhere with anything going on.
  3. This one piggybacks number 2; you can sleep through the baby crying.
  4. You’ve become the master of the white lie. I think this one just comes with having children. Telling them something broke or is out of batteries when really you took the damn batteries out so you didn’t have to hear it for another second!
  5. Again, all parents can relate to this one, but you’re definitely a dad when you’ve been covered in vomit that wasn’t yours. Just ask Tyson about our flight home from Atlanta when Cash was 1.5 years old. 😂
  6. Your balls are indestructible, or at least a little tougher than they used to be. I don’t know how many times one of the boys has hit, kicked, kneed, or elbowed Tyson in that area.
  7. You get very confident with your, um, package. Especially if you have boys because they will comment on it or try and grab it, all the time!
  8. You find “Daddy and Me” things very special and a must! Cash and Tyson (and sometimes Tate) have matching socks, matching shirts, and they have “Secret Boys Club” dates. All three of them love these little occasions that don’t involve mom. And trust me, I love them too! 
  9. You have or have had “Mickey Mouse Sex.” I heard this the other day on Chelsea Handler’s show and I laughed so hard because it’s so true. Her guest was talking about how he can turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and know he has a good 15 minutes of alone time with his wife. Any parent of toddlers will agree with me and laugh because they’ve done the same thing!
  10. You work hard for your family. You will work long hours and multiple jobs if need be, then come home and play with the kiddos and help with dinner and bedtime routines. 

Thank you to my own father, husband, and father-in-law for being such great and amazing fathers and examples to my boys. And thank you to all the other dads out there being active in your children’s lives. You are all heroes in my eyes. ❤️