Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is doing everything right in my book lately. They have been talking about the issues that matter and don't show any signs of backing down anytime soon! They are getting political and teaching these kids it's okay to be educated and why it's important. The most recent post was about the Florida Shooting, … Continue reading Teen Vogue


Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Today is the unofficial "Make Your Dreams Come True Day!" Why not make the most of it and fucking crush today? Go out and do something you've been scared of doing. Start something you've been procrastinating. Tell that someone you love them. Tell off that little shit head you know but haven't had the balls to … Continue reading Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Tips for Balancing Motherhood and School

I am a full-time college student and a stay at home mom to two little boys. Everyone always asks me how I do it but it’s not as hard as everyone assumes it is. I can't even imagine trying to work full time and go to school full time! However, I do have some tips … Continue reading Tips for Balancing Motherhood and School

Robin Williams

I recently came across a Robin Williams quote and it left me wanting more. I wanted more of his insight and wisdom. I wanted more of what he had to offer the world. I wanted to wait until today to post this in honor of him. ❤ The quote that started all of this was; … Continue reading Robin Williams

This Post is Raw

BeautyBeyondBones is such a strong and inspiring woman. If you don’t already, please go read her blog and follow her.


I had been putting off writing this post for about a month and a half.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Feb 26-March 4

I had been dreading writing this post because, obviously BBB is an eating disorder recovery blog, so I feel kinda…obligated…to address the topic, but honestly, I’m kinda luke warm on the whole “awareness” thing.

It just seems a little…glorifying if you ask me. And I have a problem with that. Don’t throw around photos of healthy-yet-slightly-thin girls in stock photos pretending to be sad, or even worse, smiling and holding a piece of pizza, and gloat that you’re raising “awareness” or fighting the stigma. The theme: “It’s time to talk about it…” that’s borderline insulting.


Why don’t you ask the mother whose daughter died of heart failure due to anorexia, or my mother when I was 78 pounds and she was checking on…

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How to get over a break up

NOTE: Tyson and I are not separated or anything like that. A friend of mine broke up with her long time boyfriend and that is what has prompted me to write this post. So, you guys broke up huh? Whether you're hurt or thrilled I have the answer. These steps will definitely help smother the … Continue reading How to get over a break up