Top Shelf Organizers

Top Shelf Organizers is owned and operated by two best friends who decided to make a living doing what they love most: organizing. Top Shelf Organizers  Instagram/Facebook: @topshelforganizersca We know that getting (and staying) organized can be a challenge - we want to help make it easy and fun! We strive to create a personalized… Continue reading Top Shelf Organizers

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

I have another guest post for you guys today and I'm loving it!!! She has so many great ideas for Halloween! I can not wait to take the boys and look for costumes! Even though it’s still a few weeks away, if you want to go to a Halloween party and be breathtakingly stunning, you… Continue reading Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

Live A Life Free From Addictions

Live a Life Free From Addictions In the present day, addiction has become one of the alarming issues in our society. People are becoming addicted to drugs regardless of their age and gender. Addiction is a serious issue that is faced by people across the world and they used to spend a lot of money… Continue reading Live A Life Free From Addictions

9/11 Tribute From Someone Who Witnessed It First Hand

In honor of the 16th anniversary of September 11th, 2001, I asked my husband to recount some of his memories of the day. He was living in Manhattan at the time, and I thought his perspective might be interesting. The following are his thoughts and memories.   A crisp cloudless blue sky; when I think… Continue reading 9/11 Tribute From Someone Who Witnessed It First Hand

6 Budget-Friendly Beauty Essentials for Busy Moms

Daniel Lewis is back for another great guest post! Check out his previous guest post, Tips for a busy mom on how to master a fast, every day make up routine and his social media accounts! Google+ Twitter Facebook 6 budget-friendly beauty essentials for busy moms. It is tough being a parent and it is… Continue reading 6 Budget-Friendly Beauty Essentials for Busy Moms

Guest Posts Welcome

Have you ever had something you wanted to say or get off your chest and no platform to say it? Are you heartbroken over what's been happening in our country? Are you upset with someone and want to write a unanimous open letter? Well here is the perfect opportunity! You can literally write about anything, I… Continue reading Guest Posts Welcome

Tips for a busy mom on how to master fast, easy everyday makeup routine

Hello, everyone! This guest post is for all of you busy moms that want a few tips and tricks to look and feel good with the little time you have in the morning. I'm really excited about this guest post for a few reasons. The first is because I am always in need of more… Continue reading Tips for a busy mom on how to master fast, easy everyday makeup routine

An Open Letter To Gordon Hayward

As most of you already know I am a Jazz fan. And any of you that are basketball fans know that Gordon Hayward left the Jazz in an announcement/open letter on July 4. It was hard to hear/read. However, as sad as this is to say, Jazz fans are used to being left and lied… Continue reading An Open Letter To Gordon Hayward

Dear 17-Year-Old-Me

I'm so excited to introduce Victoria. We "met" via Instagram and I've truly enjoyed getting to know her! We have quite a bit in common, which is always a fun thing to find out about someone new. 🙂 I hope you enjoy her post. And go check out her blog and IG account. ❤  … Continue reading Dear 17-Year-Old-Me

A letter to Rob Bishop 

A friend of mine from Utah wrote this letter to his representative, Rob Bishop. I wanted to share it because I want to encourage everyone else to write to their senators and congressmen/women if they want to see a change. Thank you for sharing this with us, James. I'm pretty sure Bishop won't read my… Continue reading A letter to Rob Bishop