Things We’ve Learned While Talking to Empowered Women

Today's guest post is from The Passionista Project. If you haven't already go check out their IG, website, and podcast (which goes live today). We spend the better part of our days interviewing, researching and connecting with inspiring women for The Passionistas Project Podcast. We sit with women from all disciplines and walks of life … Continue reading Things We’ve Learned While Talking to Empowered Women


Women in Film: Alice Guy Blaché

Today we have an amazing piece from Marina Brafa who writes for Fem Film Fans. Back to Life - Rediscovering Alice Guy Blaché (July 1, 1873, Saint Mandé -  March 24, 1968 in New Jersey) Have you ever heard of Alice Guy Blaché? Guy Blaché was one of the first female directors ever, starting her work … Continue reading Women in Film: Alice Guy Blaché

How Can We Be Alone and Love it?

By Michaela P. Shelton Website Twitter In 2018, it seems as if people are incapable of being alone. Why? Because attention and interaction are so easily accessible. If someone is lonely all they have to do is open up a social media or dating app. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder at the tip of … Continue reading How Can We Be Alone and Love it?

5 tips to help with anxiety

We have such an amazing guest post today from Nikki who runs the Instagram account Charlietakesphx and the website Charlie takes Phoenix. If you have ever struggled with mental health issues this post is for you! I know I will be coming back to this post on my harder days.   I make a joke that … Continue reading 5 tips to help with anxiety

Sexism In School

Written by the intelligent young woman behind Feministrength. Sexism in school? A matter we must stop silencing in attempt to avoid its possible complicity, and start talking and working with. As a school student myself, aged 15, I’m constantly faced with everyday sexism in the school environment. Schools should be a place in which young … Continue reading Sexism In School

Like A Lady

Brittany May is the incredible woman behind Fierce Females, where she empowers women and is completely honest about herself, her struggles, and her triumphs. When asked what her biggest life goal is she responds with "My goal is to live a life for myself; a life I'm proud of." What is not to love about that?!?! … Continue reading Like A Lady

Let’s Talk About Sex

I got the change to write a piece for Funky Feminist! Go check it out and let me know what you think! I'm really proud of it and feel so honored that they asked me to be a part of their blog! ❤ Much Love, Ashley

Top Shelf Organizers

Top Shelf Organizers is owned and operated by two best friends who decided to make a living doing what they love most: organizing. Top Shelf Organizers  Instagram/Facebook: @topshelforganizersca We know that getting (and staying) organized can be a challenge - we want to help make it easy and fun! We strive to create a personalized … Continue reading Top Shelf Organizers

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

I have another guest post for you guys today and I'm loving it!!! She has so many great ideas for Halloween! I can not wait to take the boys and look for costumes! Even though it’s still a few weeks away, if you want to go to a Halloween party and be breathtakingly stunning, you … Continue reading Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017

Live A Life Free From Addictions

Live a Life Free From Addictions In the present day, addiction has become one of the alarming issues in our society. People are becoming addicted to drugs regardless of their age and gender. Addiction is a serious issue that is faced by people across the world and they used to spend a lot of money … Continue reading Live A Life Free From Addictions