NFL Divisional Round Picks

I am getting so excited for this weekend, excited and nervous! Last week both away teams on Saturday won and both home teams on Sunday won. I picked both Saturday games wrong but picked both Sunday games right. Maybe this will be a new trend and we will have a repeat this week? Ahahaha Saturday's games: … Continue reading NFL Divisional Round Picks


Wild Card Picks

We are officially in the postseason of the NFL! The Steelers have a bye this week so hopefully, we can get healthy and come in strong! We are picking only 4 games this week because it's Wild Card weekend. Saturday's games: Titans vs Chiefs Falcons vs Rams Sunday's games: Bills vs Jaguars Panthers vs Saints  

Week 17 Picks

Alright, guys! It's the last week of the regular season. I am disappointed that James Harrison was released and then signed with the Patriots. We are the #2 seed so that's good, but not good enough in my eyes! Fingers crossed we can make it all the way!!!! Ring number 7 here we come! ❤ … Continue reading Week 17 Picks

Week 15 Picks

7 out of 16. Bleh. The freaking Patriots game was a shocker for sure! I can't believe they lost to the Dolphins! Broncos vs Colts Bears vs Lions Chargers vs Chiefs Eagles vs Giants Bengals vs Vikings Ravens vs Browns Cardinals vs Redskins Packers vs Panthers Jets vs Saints Dolphins vs Bills Texans vs Jaguars … Continue reading Week 15 Picks

Week 14 Picks

Last week sucked. That's all that needs to be said. Ahahahah Here's this week's picks. Saints vs Falcons Seahawks vs Jaguars Packers vs Browns Lions vs Buccaneers Raiders vs Chiefs Vikings vs Panthers 49ers vs Texans Colts vs Bills Bears vs Bengals Titans vs Cardinals Jets vs Broncos Redskins vs Chargers Eagles vs Rams Cowboys … Continue reading Week 14 Picks

Week 13 Picks

Last week I got 13 out of 16, which is damn good especially for not really caring! Let's see how I do this week. I read my picks off to Matt and we only disagreed on two picks, the 49ers/Bears game, and the Lions/Ravens game. Redskins vs Cowboys Chiefs vs Jets - this one was a toss-up. … Continue reading Week 13 Picks

Week 12 Picks

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys, I'm just not feeling it today. I don't really care about football right now. I know that will probably change tomorrow but tonight I am just kin dof blah. So, with that being said I made my picks but I didn't do any homework or really … Continue reading Week 12 Picks

Week 8 Picks

Holy shit! How is it week 8 already?!?! I did quite well this week with Kramer's insight. I picked 11 out of 15 correctly. 🙂 Let's hope I can do well this week! Dolphins vs Ravens Vikings vs Browns Chargers vs Patriots Bears vs Saints Panthers vs Buccaneers Colts vs Bengals Raiders vs Bills 49ers vs … Continue reading Week 8 Picks