Welcome to A Vodka Kind of Mom!

This is where you come to when you need a reminder that it’s okay to have a vodka tonic at 4 PM while playing with your kids because you just can’t deal anymore.

Everyone has their own struggles and successes and I am here to share mine with you. Raw, unfiltered (sort of, my family probably reads these and I have the mouth of a sailor), and honest.



  1. soarwithnetworkfundraising

    Vodka and club with a lemon was always so delightful…then I had some brain therapy (LENS) and it took away the desire to drink and totally destroyed my taste for alcohol. AHHHHH. Every once in a while I will have a weak mohito or a white russian because it tastes like a milk shake. Ha – ha. Oh well. I look forward to your posts and THANKS for following my blog.

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