Welcome to A Vodka Kind of Mom!


I started this blog because I needed somewhere to go, talk, vent, be myself while I was struggling with severe postpartum depression. However, I ended up falling into the world of feminism and feeling like the world needed my love and encouragement more than I needed it from the world.

I am always here if someone needs me. I will listen to your #metoo story. I will allow you to write content about your drug addiction, rape, or anything else you feel you need to get off your chest.

I love guest posts if you’re ever feeling creative or need to get something off your chest without everyone on your social media knowing it is you.


I try to keep this blog as honest as possible. I have written about some very difficult things in my life and don’t plan on stopping. Those hard posts are the ones that I get the best feedback from. I’ve had people I have never met message me and tell me my postpartum story has pushed them to get help themselves. I’ve had people reach out about the different pregnancy/motherhood issues that have been shared on this blog by others as well as the addiction and sober living stories. They all have a place here as do you.

It’s taken me a long time, but I am proud of who I am and I finally love myself. I want to help you do that too!

A Vodka Kind Of Mom WILL always be a safe place for people of color, LGBTQ, men, women, and every in between.


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Vodka and club with a lemon was always so delightful…then I had some brain therapy (LENS) and it took away the desire to drink and totally destroyed my taste for alcohol. AHHHHH. Every once in a while I will have a weak mohito or a white russian because it tastes like a milk shake. Ha – ha. Oh well. I look forward to your posts and THANKS for following my blog.

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