Hello there!

I am Ashley.

I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful little boys, Christopher Cash and David Tate. Cash was born June of 2013 and Tate was born December of 2015. I like to talk about these adorable little boys because they remind me to sit back and enjoy the little things and then five minutes later they remind me how absolutely frustrating kids and parenting can truly be.

I am currently a full-time student at Diablo Valley College with dreams of transferring to Berkley. I am currently working on my generals but I want to eventually get my doctorate in psychology and help women who struggle with postpartum.

Aside from being a wife, mother, and student I am a daughter, sister, niece, and friend. Because I have all these other titles to all these wonderful people I’ve felt so drawn to the “Single Story” aspect of my life. I always describe myself as a mother and a student but I am so much more! I’m sure there are plenty of you who do the same thing and I want to help you feel empowered to own those other titles!

So let’s grab life by the lapels, as Maya Angelou would say, and take on the world! We as women deserve equality, love, respect, and intersectionality.

Much Love,