Nourish Wellness Club

Finally…an online club for women to empower us to nourish ourselves and be as healthy and happy as possible!! I am so excited about this! My friends, Gina Bowen and Laura Primus are on it!  I feel like it is so hard to stay on top of my own health when I am so busy.
I often put myself on the back burner, you can relate, right?! but not anymore!!
Check it out and join me! It is so cheap to join this week as a founding member. This is an amazing opportunity to come in as they launch and really start with Gina and Laura from the start. In the fall, there is no doubt that this is going to explode and cost more. These ladies really know what they are doing! For less than a $1 a day, it’s definitely worth giving a shot and joining this badass community of women looking to focus on their wellness- mind, body, and soul!
It will be fun to work on healthy habits each month, encourage each other, allow ourselves to come as we are, and be supported in this refreshing and simple way!
Come join us at the Nourish Wellness Club! If you need some more information you can find all of that in these videos. I hope you decide to join these ladies on their adventure to wellness and happiness.
Much Love,

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