Husband Appreciation Day

Today is husband appreciation day so I wanted to give a quick shoutout to my wonderful and patient husband. I hope you have a fantastic day, baby!

I generally don’t like getting marriage advice from anyone, because we all have our issues and skeletons no one else knows about; however, I saw this a week or so ago in the book I was reading and wanted to share it will all of you today. It’s so true and something I have had to learn the hard way recently. However, I’m glad I learned the lesson and are constantly working on choosing Tyson every single day.

“On your wedding day, you’re choosing to love that person forever, but that’s just the beginning. You have to continue to choose them, every day. It’s not like your other options are going to go away – it’s up to you to turn them away….And if you really want it to work, you’re not making a one-time vow – you’re committing to a lifetime of remarrying that person every day.”

Not That I Could Tell Jessica Strawser

Are you doing anything sweet for your husband today?

Much Love,

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