Social Moms Digital Parenting Tips

Social Moms Digital Parenting Tips


Parenting is always been the tough challenge for parents and especially for the moms that have to remain social for their kids and teens bread and butter. On the other hand, sudden rain of technological creatures and the cyberspace has put more oil the wheels of parenting challenges and parent’s mostly social moms have to be staying active and update about the digital parenting of kids and teens. The invention of cell phones and its connection with the internet bring digital wizards such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Skype and plenty of others alike. Let’s discuss why digital parenting is tough and why social moms have to stay active.

Digital wizards & Parenting challenges

The back to back inventions of digital wizards having discussed earlier has put more issues in the lives of social moms. Today, parents have to provide young kids and teens cell phones and computer devices for so many reasons such as education and for the many others such as text messaging and making calls with phones when needed. However, these gadgets and machines connected to the internet are the main route cause of parenting issues. Young kids and teens have become obsessed with the digital and very often got themselves into real trouble. On the other hand, the social moms have no ideas to whom their kids and teens are talking via social media apps.

Parents has played a significant role to turn children tech-geeks

Parents including social Moms have played a significant role to integrate the young kids and teens with tech-creatures such as cell phones of Android, IOS, and blackberries and with the computer devices such as windows and MACs. Moms have no choice, but to engage kids and teens with the technology for education and for exploring the world. But resultantly, they get involved in such bad habits accidentally or through peer pressure. They do text messages and calls to online friends, shared media files such as photos and videos and Voice messages.

Furthermore, at the end of the day, social moms got to know that there are online predators that can harm young kids and teens such as stalkers, cyber bullying, sexual abusers and the bad habit of sexting and visit carnal content. However, there are also got the influence of the people who teach self-harming and spread self-obscenity among the young generation. Moreover, the article we are dealing with is about digital parenting tips for social Moms. Let’s tend towards serving humanity rather than just doing gossips.

Digital Parenting Tips for Busy Mammies


Social Moms should be tech-savvy

Moms should be fully aware of the contemporary tech-creatures and they should know that how to operate these machines and gadgets. It enables them to set privacy settings for kids and teens activities. Parents should be tech-savvy before they are going to hand over cell phones and computer devices to their kids and teens.

Make social media apps accounts: Add your kids

Moms should have their own social media accounts that their kids used to of using. Then they need to add their kids and teens. This will keep moms updated about their most of the activities.

Aware your kids about social media vulnerabilities

Tell your kids about all the social media apps vulnerabilities which lead them to use these platforms safely.

Limit their screen Time

Allow them to use the digital world for few hours and stop them if they are using these things all day long.

Tell them don’t responds strangers

Talk about the presence of online predators that can harm them in real-life after having the friendship with them online. You should aware your kid and teens about cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators and child abusers.

Use cell phone & Computer spy app


At end of the day, if they don’t have so much time for all these tips, then they should install cell phone and computer surveillance software on their phones and computers respectively. Then they can use IM’s social media to view all IM’s logs, chat conversations, text messages, shared media and Voice messages by using phone spy app. Further, parents can block all websites that share carnal content with computer tracking software. Social Moms can record and listen to calls with secret call recorder of the cell phone monitoring software. They can view messages sent or received with the text messages spy. However, Parents can remotely control teens and kids phone with remotely phone controller such as to block text messages sent/ received, incoming calls and block the internet. You can view all the activities happen on your kid and teens computer laptop screen with screen recording of the MAC surveillance software.


Social Moms can fulfill all there digital parenting even remotely sitting in the office with the help of cell phone and computer tracking spyware.

-Aline Carrara


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