Feature Friday – All_Women

It’s Friday again and you know what that means! It’s time to feature another amazing activist doing some incredible work. It’s also the second day of National History of Women Month and it’s almost International Women’s Day which is all pretty exciting!

I’m pretty stoked about this interview because the woman behind All_Women is incredible in my eyes. She’s growing her following, being true to herself, as well as standing up for what she believes is right. She’s always reposting other people’s uplifting photos, commenting on other people’s posts, etc. which I think really brightens people’s day. I know it does mine.

I hope you read her interview and go give her a follow. She’s going to do great things!

  1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
    My name is Taylor. I am 21 years old, and in college currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music. I hope to have a career that somehow mixes childcare with music. That being said, I love music and art. I play many instruments, sing, and create visual art as well. I live in Texas and love it.
  2. Can you tell me about all_women?
    The idea behind it is in my bio “Entertain, encourage, support, and empower ALL women.” That has been my goal from the beginning. The entertain can be seen in the fact that sometimes I post-ironic or sarcastic things, and in a way, I think the whole social media industry is a form of entertainment. The encouragement, support, and empowerment come in with the positive messages of the posts, and the fact that I try to encourage other women all the time whether it’s by commenting on their posts, reposting their content, or sending them an encouraging message. I also try to post things that will show people they are loved and cared for no matter who they are.
  3. What prompted you to start all_women?
    All__women was an idea I had on a whim. I just remember looking around one day and seeing women tearing each other down instead of supporting each other. I was tired of not having a good support system of women, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one. I decided to start the account to give myself that space to connect with other women and to be a space for other women to connect.
  4. What do you feel is your biggest focus with all_women?
    My biggest focus is love. I am a die-hard believer in the idea that love can fix everything. As cliché as it sounds “love is the answer.” I try to focus on spreading love especially to those who are marginalized or told they are invalid or don’t matter. To dig deeper into that, I think from love, empathy comes. I really focus on posting things that show empathy, and I always want my followers to know I empathize with their struggles and lives in general. I think the world is lacking so much empathy, and that is often where all those cruel and hateful comments come from. I just want to show people that someone cares, and I always want them to know I believe they are valid no matter who they are.
  5. What does it mean to you to be an activist?
    Being an activist can mean many different things in my opinion. I think it is different for everyone. We all have different gifts. For me, I think it means that I use whatever privilege and voice I have to speak up for those who no one will listen to and to be their ally. I think a big part of activism is also spreading awareness. If people don’t even know an issue exists, they are not doing anything to help, but if they know, they can use that knowledge to act.
  6. What personal experiences drew you to being a feminist and activist?
    I think most of the experiences that drew me to feminism involve sexual harassment or abuse. I was hit by a guy daily for about a year when I was about 11, and when I finally reported it, nothing was done to stop him. I was told he did it because he liked me. At that same age, I attended a school that just had a really bad environment-especially for girls. I was harassed about my weight, my appearance, my sexiness level, my body shape, you name it. Not only did this happen to me, I saw it happening to almost every girl I knew. As I got older, I never saw the pattern of sexual harassment and assault towards women end. I saw it change and evolve in many ways it seems to me that it becomes more and more accepted as a guy gets more money, success, and power. In addition to multiple experiences like that, I was very influenced by the amazing women around me who were showing me what feminism is, and why it’s important. When it comes to activism, I have always felt it very important to stand up for people who are not allowed a voice. Growing up in a mixed race family, in a town where the poverty rate was close to 80%, and the domestic abuse rate was more than I can really wrap my mind around, really contributed to my desire to be a voice for others.
  7. Have you ever experienced any threats because of what you’re doing?
    I have mostly just experienced harassment. I have gotten comments like “You should be raped,” etc.
  8. If so can you tell me about them and how you deal with them?
    Like I said, most of what I get is harassment. It is usually a young boy or middle-aged man commenting on feminism in general, cursing at me, telling me I’m stupid with the usual words they throw at feminists, sending me messages demanding I debate with them, etc. I think most activists accounts get similar kinds of comments and messages. Depending on how severe it is, I usually report the comments or even the account, and I tell them I’m reporting them. If they bother me enough, I block them. If I have the energy on a particular day, I will respond to their comments as well as I can. Of course, with some of them, there are no words I could say in response.
  9. Do these threats ever make you reconsider what you’re doing?
    They usually just fuel me even further. They give me more and more reasons to do what I am doing. I want other people someday to not have to deal with that type of harassment.
  10. If there was one activist resource that you wish everyone would read or view what would it be?
    That is such a hard question because there are so many! I think right now, I’d have to say the Women’s March. I think this is such a turning point in history for women, and the Women’s March is at the forefront of that.
  11. Is there anyone or any group of people who inspire you or prods you to action?
    I think women, POC, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, mentally ill people, and anyone who is marginalized or pushed aside inspires me. These are the people who keep moving forward against all odds. Second, I am a Christian, and I put such an emphasis on love because of that. I believe with all my heart that God loves everyone and that it is my job as a follower of His to show people His love, forgiveness, kindness, empathy, and hope. I feel I’ve really been prodded to all of this by seeing people who claim to love God and be Christians treat people like less than human, and use God as an excuse. That breaks my heart and makes me angry, so I turn that around and try to show people what I believe God wants them to know you are loved.
  12. If you could change one thing about this world what would it be?
    I would change the fact that we all make assumptions about people without knowing them. I wish myself, and everyone else, could just look at someone and not assume anything about them. I think then, we could have amazing conversations, and we could truly empathize with others because we wouldn’t see them for what we think they are, we would see them as they are.

Much Love,


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