Feature Friday – Funky Feminist

Today we are featuring the founder of Funky Feminist. I love her strength and how she stays true to herself. Her most recent blog post titled “Understanding Patriarchy” is a perfect example of how educated she is and how well that comes across in all of her social media platforms.

Instagram: @funky_feminist
Twitter: @funky_feminist
Snapchat: @funky_feminist
  1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
    My name is Landon Funk, and I am the founder and Editor in Chief of Funky Feminist. I graduated from Princeton University in 2015 with a degree in English and African American Studies and also was captain of their varsity golf team. Currently, I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my dog, Louis.
  2. Can you tell me about Funkyfeminist?
    It is a feminist blog, vlog, and shop that aims to empower women and girls to push the limits, fight for what they believe in, and be unapologetically themselves
  3. What prompted you to start Funkyfeminist?
    I wrote an article that received national media attention in January, and I received so much support for people all over the world that I did not know. A lot of girls messaged me to say that what I wrote resonated with them and made them feel like someone understood what it was like to stand in their shoes. From that point forward, I wanted to work for women and girls. Funky Feminist was born from that.
  4. What do you feel is your biggest focus with Funkyfeminist?
    To reach as many people as possible and empower women and girls to be their authentic selves. Wea re here to promote inclusion, love, and incite conversation and change.
  5. What does it mean to you to be an activist?
    Fight for the little guy, stand up for what you believe in, and never take no for an answer.
  6. What personal experiences drew you to be an activist?
    My father was a criminal defense attorney (now he is the District Attorney of Nashville) for most of my life, and I learned a lot from him. In high school, I participated in protests and continued doing so in college. I have always been counted out for being a woman, and I guess you could say that I got tired of it. In high school, I started to stand up for myself, my beliefs, and become a leader.
  7. Have you ever experienced any threats because of what you’re doing?
    I have never had any threats, but I have had hate messages. Nothing that could be a threat just misogynistic trolls/anti-feminists.
  8. If so can you tell me about them and how you deal with them?
    Any of my more provocative blog or Instagram posts will have hate comments on them. They are usually people looking for a fight and/or to rustle my and my followers’ feathers. I used to delete the comments, but I leave them up now. They have gotten too prevalent and too much to handle.
  9. Do these threats ever make you reconsider what you’re doing?
    Never. They actually encourage me more. I got really excited when I had my first “hater” because I felt like I had truly made something successful.
  10. What do you feel is the biggest focus on your Instagram account?
    Reaching Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z around the world to empower and inspire them and spread awareness of feminism.
  11. If there was one activist resource that you wish everyone would read or view what would it be?
    Sex Object by Jessica Valenti.
  12. Is there anyone or any group of people who inspire you or prods you to action?
    My group of friends and my followers are and will always be my sources of inspiration
  13. If you could change one thing about this world what would it be?
    For women and minority groups to be seen as human beings instead of others and objects
  14. One more question, what would you say to the men and women in power if you had their attention?
    Grab me by the pussy – I dare you.We are here and we are not going anywhere. It is about time you listen to what we have to say.

Much Love,


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