What I’ve Learned From Being a Mother to Two Toddlers

Having two little kiddos has been an adventure so far and I wouldn’t change them for the world, but this morning I got some sweet snuggles from Tate and left before Cash woke up. Maybe I will revisit that statement tomorrow. 🙂


Here is what I’ve learned from having Cash and Tate:

  1. You will forever carry a piece of your children with you in your heart.
  2. Your children will drive you absolutely insane.
  3. You will always worry about your kids.
  4. Your house probably won’t ever be clean again, until they move out at least.
  5. Your car will be in a similar stage of disarray as your house for years to come.
  6. Making mom friends is damn hard!
  7. Your kid isn’t abnormal because they only eat french fries and chicken nuggets. Every kid is like that and they will grow out of it or so I’ve been told.
  8. They snack ALL the time. Literally all the time.
  9. They have SO MUCH ENERGY!
  10. You can’t say I love you enough.
  11. Keep a bottle of wine, vodka, or bourbon handy for those hard days. You know, like a Wednesday.
  12. Get used to nakedness.
  13. And fart jokes. Get used to a lot of fart jokes.
  14. Your kids will be shockingly honest. They will tell you if they don’t like your hair, outfit, if you look bad, or if you look beautiful.
  15. No matter how much they stress you out you would do it all over again, a million times over.

What have you learned from motherhood?

Much Love,


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