Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Today is the unofficial “Make Your Dreams Come True Day!” Why not make the most of it and fucking crush today?

Go out and do something you’ve been scared of doing.
Start something you’ve been procrastinating.
Tell that someone you love them.
Tell off that little shit head you know but haven’t had the balls to say anything to.
Quit your job and start your own business.
Go after your dream job.

Whatever your dream is GO MAKE IT COME TRUE TODAY!

I may be thinking small, but sometimes that’s all you can do. Sometimes thinking big is impossible, and that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with how much longer I have in school so I’m just taking it one semester, one week, one day at a time! The kids drive me a little crazy sometimes so I have to take them day by day. You get it. 🙂

My dreams for today are small; everyday things truly make me happy.

Today I am going to do as much homework as I can and go to bed early.

What about you????

Much Love,

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