Girl Gang


I posted this photo on my Instagram account and it immediately blew up! Within an hour there were 81 likes and 26 comments of women wanting to get in on this “Girl Gang.” One woman, in particular, gave me a wonderful idea! Momandposh (Jess) said, “I say we all hashtag this #avodkakindofmom18 and make it a follow!!!” Her saying that started the idea but when I personally messaged her asking about being an admin on this Facebook page our conversation completely sold me on our future friendship:

Ashley: I think I seriously want to start a FB page and follow for this. Would you want to admin with me? A page all about women empowering, supporting, and loving one another.

Jess: Sure!! I’ve never done that before but can always learn! I’m the mom you ask to the playground for happy hour.

Jess: We could create our own shits and all!!! Have vodkakindofmom meetups! To find like-minded sanity seekers!


Jess: I could sell the shit out of them on Poshmark! Momandposh paired with avodkakindofmom. I see a book in our future.

Ashley: Oh it’s on like donkey kong!


So we are going to do this! I am going to take on yet another endeavor! ahahaha “MomAndPosh paired with AVodkaKindOfMom” is here and ready to take on the world!

We have started a Facebook page that is all about women aggressively supporting, empowering, and loving one another. We would love for you to join us! ❤


Much Love,
Ashley & Jess.

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