60 Things You Can Do That Will Make A Difference In Your Community

One of my goals for 2018 is to be more active in my community; whether that is getting involved in community service, politics, etc. I thought I should make a list of things we can each do to make a difference!

Some of these things are big and some of them are small. You may make someone’s day or change their life. Who knows, but it’s all worth it!

  1. Help cook and/or serve a meal at a homeless shelter.
  2. Make “care” kits for the homeless filled with combs, toothbrushes, razors, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  3. Gather clothing from your friends and neighbors and donate it to a local shelter.
  4. Help teach a child to read or some other fun skill.
  5. Visit senior citizens at a nursing home or assisted living care facility.
  6. Tutor a student who needs help learning English or another subject.
  7. Organize a canned goods drive.
  8. Shovel snow, clean gutters, rake leaves, mow their lawn, etc. for a senior citizen.
  9. Clean up a vacant lot or park.
  10. Organize a campaign to raise money for a local charity or family in need.
  11. Volunteer at your local hospital.
  12. Volunteer at a Special Olympics event.
  13. Bring toys to children at your local hospital.
  14. Contact your local representatives about key issues your community is facing.
  15. Register to vote.
  16. VOTE.
  17. Help others to register to vote.
  18. Volunteer at a polling booth the day of an election.
  19. Drive a friend to the polling booths.
  20. Offer to pass out election materials.
  21. Adopt an acre of rainforest.
  22. Clean up trash along a beach, river, or in a park.
  23. Donate money to a good cause.
  24. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.
  25. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter.
  26. Walk a neighbor’s dog while they are at work or away.
  27. Learn how to be a peer counselor.
  28. Send a letter or letters to veterans or overseas soldiers.
  29. Volunteer at your local youth center.
  30. Participate in a run for a local charity.
  31. Become a candy striper at your local hospital.
  32. Mentor a young person.
  33. Donate books to your local library or school.
  34. Start a book club in your area.
  35. Hold the door open for someone else.
  36. Donate blood.
  37. Donate plasma.
  38. Donate your old computer to someone that needs it or a school.
  39. Coach a children’s sports team.
  40. Become an organ donor.
  41. Volunteer on a hotline.
  42. Listen to others.
  43. Talk others about volunteering.
  44. Shop local.
  45. Don’t drink and drive.
  46. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister.
  47. Recycle.
  48. Don’t litter.
  49. Become CPR and First Aid certified.
  50. Tell someone you love them.
  51. Tell someone you appreciate them.
  52. Give someone a hug.
  53. Tell a child they are intelligent, kind, thoughtful, giving, etc.
  54. Hold a teddy bear drive for foster children.
  55. Make baked goods and bring them to your local police or fire stations.
  56. Attend community meetings.
  57. Get disaster relief certified.
  58. Give your time and undivided attention to a child.
  59. Help your kids set up a food or clothing drive.
  60. Donate dog/cat food to an animal shelter.

Much Love,



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