Feature Friday – A Girl Has No President

We are continuing with our new twist on Feature Friday by highlighting another activist! The woman behind AGirlHasNoPresident is inspiring and, as you will see, has a way with words that move you to want to act.

I am relatively new to following the Instagram account AGirlHasNoPresident but have been thoroughly impressed with her, her courage, her ideas, her class, and her honesty. I know that anyone who goes to her Instagram account will feel the same way.

  1. What prompted you to start AGirlHasNoPresident?  
     I voted. I had faith. I knew the right thing. I could see the bigger picture on Election Day that many ppl seemed to have missed. I’ve voted in every election since the day I turned 18, local and national and coming from Republican parents, I clearly carved my own path. I fell asleep during the election results coming in from the Confederacy. I always skip that part as it’s clear how that’s gonna go, I was born there. I woke up to the ticker running across the screen that said: “Hillary Clinton concedes.”  I felt sick. I had to work the next morning and I wanted to tell my daughter before I left at 6AM. With tears in my eyes, I woke her up and I explained to her in the most gentle way possible that a reality tv show host and all around buffoon won as well as the lowest common denominator and that I was afraid for our country. But I told her not to worry because I would take care of her. “But Momma, who is gonna take care of you?”  That morning I didn’t have an answer.  I cried for a solid week and barely left my room. Then I started this account as a way to release some of my anger. I guess anger draws a crowd.
  2. How did you come up with the name AGirlHasNoPresident
    I’m not really sure, to be honest. I just felt marginalized, yet again. It’s not a new story as people of color, LGBTQ, women, basically, anyone who is not a white man has always been marginalized in this country. But I felt like a girl with no representation. We as a country chose a president accused of raping a child. That day we showed every victim of rape that not only do we not care to hear your cries, we celebrate your rapist. I’m one woman. I have no president that represents me and unless you’re a white male, neither do you.
  3. What does it mean to you to be an activist? 
    Activism to me is about having the heart, the balls and the ovaries to say what you mean and stand behind it and have it be for everyone and not just for ppl who look like you.  Social media is so important. I mean, just look what that tangerine nightmare is doing with his. He’s got people all over who hang on his every tweet. He panders to his base daily from Twitter which when you think about it, is kind of gross coming from a president. If he is using it, why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t we? No account is too small. Get on social media and get loud! Then march in the streets! Make your voice heard! Even if you’re feeling a whisper, make them hear you scream!  Make art, share it! Make poetry, share it! DO SOMETHING!
  4. Am I wrong in guessing you’re a feminist but you’re also for the equality of all lives? 
    I am a feminist. I think I’m just as deserving as a man and I refuse to be treated differently because of my gender and I’m teaching my children the same. Of course, I believe in equality for all, but men have been running things for quite some time and look where we are. Maybe it’s time we get out the vote for more women and see what they can do. I think we’re in for an eye-opener soon. Women are tired of being marginalized. Look at the Danica Roem who ran and won recently. A transgender woman in Virginia?? Did you ever think you’d see the day?  Deborah Gonzalez in Georgia?? I was shocked and amazed! I didn’t think that would happen but I was cautiously optimistic.
  5. What personal experiences drew you to feminism or activism? 
    I’m not going to fully answer this question but I will tell you that I have a slew of personal experiences to draw from. But I’m just tired. I’m tired of everything a white man does, being accepted by other white men and women and then pushed down our throats as something we must accept. I’m tired of seeing black folks murdered by police for having a taillight out. I’m tired of natural disasters only mattering when they hit white towns,  I’m tired of LGBTQ being murdered and black girls missing in DC and finding out about it months later from a friend because nobody in mainstream media thought it mattered. And after all that, I read today there is an attack on white men in this country. Like, really?? I’m not saying as a white person that you can’t be treated poorly by someone because of the color of your skin, I’m saying it’s not an epidemic. Period. Systematic racism is an epidemic in this country.
  6. When we were first talking, you told me you like to keep things private because you receive death threats. First and foremost, I want to apologize on behalf of those cruel and ignorant people. Second do those threats ever make you reconsider what you’re doing? 

    First, while it’s kind of you, never apologize for the stupidity of others because that’s all you’ll ever do.

    Yes, this is true, but not just death threats, all kinds of threats and if I could return a threat to those folks, it would be the threat of purchasing hooked on phonics or a 5th-grade education because I have literally seen some of the dumbest comments that defy all logic and reasoning. The one common thread that runs through all of them is embarrassingly poor grammar.   Lastly, no. I am not afraid and even if I were, it is not in my nature to run. I stand firm in almost every situation.  If everyone were to shut up because someone threatened them, we’d still be stuck on a plantation, in the kitchen, in the back of the bus, at separate water fountains, standing for an anthem that doesn’t represent us and only speaking when spoken to. No thanks.  But I will tell you this, the best advice I’ve gotten regarding this account was from Chelsea Handler. She told me not to read comments. To post, share, get the info out there and then keep it moving. “Get back to work!”  is what she said. It was such good advice. I rarely read comments on my posts. I leave it for ppl to discuss. Sometimes I post things I don’t agree with just to get a conversation started about something we SHOULD be talking about. I’ll get the proverbial “I’m unfollowing! I can’t believe you posted that!” I’ve never posted that on someone’s account. I read everything even if it’s not my way of thinking. How can I teach my kids what we’re fighting for if I can’t show them what we’re fighting against? It’s very short-sighted to not want to hear the other side. I block many but mostly for being assholes. I mean if you come in telling everyone how stupid they are, don’t you kind of expect that?!?

  7. What do you feel is your biggest focus? 
    I get to pick just one? I’d love that but it’s impossible. There are too many daggers coming from all sides but we really need to step up for POC and LGBTQ folks in this country. It’s sad we even have to say things like Black Lives Matter, but we clearly have a problem and we need to acknowledge that. We also need to stop allowing babies to be murdered in a kindergarten class with their only protection being a teacher standing between them and a big gun that he shouldn’t have. We care more about our Second Amendment right than our babies. That’s the legacy we want to leave?
  8. If there was one feminist or activist resource that you wish everyone would read or view what would it be?

    I’ve been in love with Gloria Steinem my whole life. I’m from a city filled with famous people so I’ve met plenty and I don’t get all aflutter when I meet one but when she walked on the stage at the Women’s March in DC, I lost my shit. I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that I cried just at the sight of someone. Well, there was that time with Simon Lebon in Atlantic City, but I’ll save that for another time…

    Join the ACLU. See what they’re doing. They fight for everyone, regardless of gender, religion or political affiliation and support Planned Parenthood. I’m not sure I would have made it out of my 20s if it hadn’t been for their services. They do so much for women and women’s health.

  9. If you could change one thing about this world what would it be? 

    This question is a bit rudimentary to me. It’s impossible to pick just one social injustice that these days seems celebrated by the ignorant. But I’ll end with this….


    “My motto: Be nice and do awesome shit, but don’t you ever let being nice, get in the way of doing awesome shit!  Even if your voice shakes, keep screaming!” – A Girl Has No President

    Much Love,


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