Feature Friday – Melaninsroyalty

Welcome to another Feature Friday. I'm really excited about today for a few different reasons. The first being that the person behind Melaninsroyalty is a strong and intelligent 15-year-old woman. I am so encouraged knowing someone at 15 sees injustices and wants to change them! The second reason I'm excited about today's feature is that I feel… Continue reading Feature Friday – Melaninsroyalty

7 Scintillating Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Today we have a guest post from Shehnaz Kadri: Needless to say, a mother is one of the most beautiful personalities in one’s life. Her birthday is a perfect occasion to celebrate her love and affection towards you. One can take this opportunity to exhibit your love towards his or her mom. Therefore, it is very… Continue reading 7 Scintillating Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Martin Luther King Day

Today is all about promoting equal rights for all American's, so let's do just that. For one day, stop tearing others down and just love one another. For one day see everyone as your equal, NO MATTER WHAT! Do this for a day and come back and tell me how you feel. How did the… Continue reading Martin Luther King Day

Compliment Day

Today is compliment day so I've decided to write down all the compliments I want to give today here and then either text them out or give them in person. 🙂 What compliments are you giving out today? Who are you giving them out to? To my husband, Tyson, you are such a hard worker who… Continue reading Compliment Day

Feature Friday – Guerrilla Feminism

Welcome back to another Feature Friday Activist style! I had the opportunity to talk to the amazing woman behind GuerrillaFeminism! Not only is she a strong female voice in the social media world she also speaks out for those who suffer from mental illness, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and so much more! I have… Continue reading Feature Friday – Guerrilla Feminism

Girl Gang

I posted this photo on my Instagram account and it immediately blew up! Within an hour there were 81 likes and 26 comments of women wanting to get in on this "Girl Gang." One woman, in particular, gave me a wonderful idea! Momandposh (Jess) said, "I say we all hashtag this #avodkakindofmom18 and make it a follow!!!"… Continue reading Girl Gang

Nourish Body and Mind Cleanse

I have a friend who is the co-founder of The Cancer Remission Project. She has reached out to me and asked me to share her new project with all of you! I am loving the idea and I am seriously considering joining myself! Here is the email they sent to their email list.   Hey!… Continue reading Nourish Body and Mind Cleanse

NFL Divisional Round Picks

I am getting so excited for this weekend, excited and nervous! Last week both away teams on Saturday won and both home teams on Sunday won. I picked both Saturday games wrong but picked both Sunday games right. Maybe this will be a new trend and we will have a repeat this week? Ahahaha Saturday's games:… Continue reading NFL Divisional Round Picks

60 Things You Can Do That Will Make A Difference In Your Community

One of my goals for 2018 is to be more active in my community; whether that is getting involved in community service, politics, etc. I thought I should make a list of things we can each do to make a difference! Some of these things are big and some of them are small. You may make… Continue reading 60 Things You Can Do That Will Make A Difference In Your Community