Feature Friday – Teach Like A Girl

Like I stated on Sunday we are rolling out a new twist on Feature Friday. I have started to gain some confidence and reach out to activists and ask for a chance to interview them. To my surprise, most the people I have reached out to have been very open to me interviewing them and featuring them here on A Vodka Kind Of Mom!

Today is all about Christina from Teach Like A Girl to kick things off! I’m so excited to “introduce” Christina to all of you and feel so fortunate to have found her account and get the chance to get to know her. Her ambition, drive, and wants for women of all ages astounds me! Go give her Instagram a follow, you won’t regret it.

I have been following your Instagram account TeachLikeAGirl for a few months now and I wanted to promote you and your message to my followers. I found you through SlayThePatriarchy’s article “6 Feminists and Activists You Should Watch in 2018” and have been thoroughly impressed. You are honest, empowering, real, and I love your “Empowered Women Empower Women” slogan.

  1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
    Hi! My name is Christina. I am a certified Secondary Science Teacher. I taught middle school science in Detroit, MI, and now I am currently enrolled in a Ph.D. Program in Psychology. I am studying Student and Teacher Development and Well-Being.
  2. Can you tell me about TeachLikeAGirl?
    I started TeachLikeAGirl a year ago! I wanted to share my experiences in the classroom, and also promote a curriculum that I developed as an after-school program for girls. Since last year, I have started a YouTube Channel as well and absolutely love sharing my stories with the mini-community that it has created. 
  3. What sort of programs do you offer?
     I share lots of advice through my channel and resources on a website called teacherspayteacher.com. It is a platform for teachers to create and share resources, and that is where I put all of my creativity!
  4. What prompted you to start TeachLikeAGirl?
    The night of the election last year, I posted on my personal account a picture of a student and the caption ‘I can’t wait to tell her that a woman is our president tomorrow.’ I will never forget the feeling of waking up that morning and my heart just sinking into my chest. It’s not even about the party system or the right fit for the president – I was just sick of having a deck of president cards in my classroom and every single one being a man. Students are given implicit messages at all times, and I hated that those playing cards were one of those for my female students. I started the platform to share my resources with the teaching community, to promote what feminism really is, and give girls and women encouragement. 
  5. What does it mean to you to be an activist?
    To be an activist means that you are constantly promoting not only messages that matter, but people that matter. I am a woman, but as a white woman, I recognize the privileges I have. To be an activist to me is also to be an ally, and promote the other people whose voice needs to be heard.
  6. What personal experiences drew you to being a feminist and activist?
    See question 4! Also, the minor things people don’t understand that women go through every day. I’m tired of being catcalled. I’m tired of seeing women being criticized. I’m tired of a government that isn’t equal. But having students amplified what it means to be a feminist for me. Seeing young girls say things like “I can’t be a pilot, only boys are pilots” or seeing them only value their physical appearance really pushed me to start being an activist for women.
  7. What do you feel is your biggest focus?
    Something that I actually didn’t expect from creating my Instagram, was the impact it would have on other teachers. I created it for teachers to help young girls but didn’t really expect it to help other teachers empower themselves as well. Right now I am running with empowering other teachers and women, and hoping that effect trickles down to students as well. I love the phrase “empowered women empower women,” and I try to live that to the fullest.
  8. If there was one feminist or activist resource that you wish everyone would read or view what would it be?
    I wish everyone would read ‘Lean in’ and ‘I Am Malala’. They are both representatives of different issues within gender equality, and I think both get forgotten. People need to understand issues for women in the workplace, and also need to understand that there are millions of girls who fight for their education around the world.
  9. If you could change one thing about this world what would it be?

    If I could change one thing about this world it would be an education for all girls – everywhere – period.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Christina and her mission as much as I did. Please go give her a follow and help spread her message to everyone you know! Women, girls, men, and boys could all benefit from what she’s doing!

Much Love,



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