Ruin Someone’s Day

I probably shouldn’t post this so close to Christmas, since that’s not really being “in the spirit” but I decided to just say fuck it. I think this website is hilarious and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Does anyone else have those coworkers, acquaintances, exes, or just random people that you don’t really like a whole lot? They are kind of assholes but you don’t want to deal with the drama of confronting them on their asshole-ness. Well, well, well. I have great news for you!

Now keep in mind, by telling you my secret I can no longer use these because anyone I send them to can just pop on over here and see that I did some serious research into it. That’s how much I care about you guys. ahahaha

So there’s this company called Ruin Days who will anonymously send your ‘enemies’ a package of the most annoying things you can possibly get in the mail. All you need is their name and address. That’s it! That’s all you need to ruin some asshole’s day! What are these annoying things you ask? Oh, I can not wait to blow your minds, or just make you giggle, whatever. 🙂

download (5)

So for only $6 you can send someone an envelope that gets glitter everywhere. Anyone that has ever worked with glitter knows that shit shows up months later. Now, if a simple envelope of glitter just isn’t going to get your point across they have a spring loaded glitter bomb for $27. They have a video of someone opening one of these and it looks horrific and glorious all at the same time!


Have you ever wanted to send someone a bag of dicks? Well, now you can! Gummy dicks can be sent to your worst enemy for only $14! And to top it off it comes with a note that says, “eat a bag of dicks.”


It’s the little things that make me truly happy. ahahaha

They have so many funny little gifts you can send to people. You can send people a spring-loaded dick bomb (which looks like dick shaped confetti), dickhead trophies, a butthurt care package, a smelly poop in a box, an eat a dick card, a spring-loaded smelly poop bomb and a bag of dirt that comes with a note that says “you’re a dirtbag.”

None of these are over $30! Can someone please send an asshole in their life one of these and tell me all about the outcome?!?! I legit can’t think of anyone I dislike enough to send them one and even if I could this post would give me away. Except for maybe some dick heads in office, but that’s it. 🙂

Much Love,

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