My Christmas Wish List

I am going to be the first to admit that my Christmas list isn’t very exciting this year. I’m wanting more practical things then I’ve ever wanted before in my life. Welcome to adulthood, I guess. 😦 However, I did add some books I would love to add to my library and a few accessories I wouldn’t mind having. Maybe this will give you some ideas for gifts to get for your friends, family, or yourself. 🙂

  • IRobot Vacuum with wifi capability – One of these things would make my life so much happier and easier not having to sweep every day.
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg – I plan on buying this one for myself at some point because I’m really interested in her Lean In ideas.
  • Obama: The Historic Presidency of Barack Obama by Mark Greenberg
  • The Rise of Barack Obama  by Pete Souza 
  • Dream Big Dreams: Photographs from Barack Obama’s Inspiring and Historic Presidency by Pete Souza – This one is for young readers because I want to teach my boys about heroes and the type of people they should be looking up to and who better to start with than Obama?
  • Obama: An Intimate Portrait by Pete Souza
  • Chasing Light: Michelle Obama Through the Lens of a White House Photographer by Amanda Lucidon – Clearly I’m feeling very nostalgic and want to remember the ‘good ol’ days.’
  • Amazon Tap – Alexa Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker – I would love to just ask someone to play the music I want, to add things to my list, etc. And it also connects to the IRobot vacuum!
  • Swag from Slay The Patriarchy – I love all of the swag from this account. I desperately want a few of those phone cases and possibly a zip bag. 🙂
  • Sunglasses – I want some new glasses from either Quay Australia or Diff Eyewear. I love sunglasses and would love to add another pair to my collection.
  • The Beatles Monopoly – I love board games, monopoly included and I LOVE The Beatles! It’s a win-win situation.
  • Mexican Train Dominos – One of the only games we love playing as a family that we don’t have.
  • Pots and pans – Yes, I am that lame, but just wait it gets worse….
  • Knife set. – Yup, I am a full-fledged adult asking for pots and pans and a knife set. Please kill me now. Ahahaha
  • GoSports Giant Toppling Jenga Set – Have you ever seen these giant Jenga sets? They look like so much fun! And as the boys get older I want to go out and play lawn games with them and our friends just like I did growing up.
  • More Book Of The Month. – This month is my last paid month and giving me the gift of books, especially when I can pick them out myself is never a bad idea.
  • A trip to the spa – Everyone needs a little self-pampering time and no one ever, ever complains about a spa trip!
  • Macklemore Tickets – I know I’ve seen him twice already this year but I would love to see him again whenever he comes back to the Bay Area. And guess what?!?! HE’S COMING BACK IN JUNE!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited! He’s going on tour with Kesha! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be fangirling over here. ahahaha
  • Play Tickets – I love going to see musicals, plays, and would love to see a ballet at some point. Any excuse to go on a date night is a win in my book.
  • Steelers Beanie – You can never go wrong with a cute Steelers beanie or hoodie!
  • A Nose Ring – Yes, I still want to get my nose pierced. I want someone to come with me and hold my hand because I’m scared.
  • A New Tattoo – This is always a yes in my book no matter what the season or reason for gifting it! Ahahaha

Much Love,


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