Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Dear Tate,

Today we celebrate you! It’s insane how quickly the past two years have gone. It’s also insane how different you are from daddy, Cash, and myself yet so similar. You are quite when we are out in public and a chatterbox at home, like daddy. You are full of sass all the time, like mommy. You have such an amazing sense of wonder about the world around you. You’re like a sponge, soaking up everything and everyone around you, just like Cash. You are smart, funny, and and you absolutely adore Cash, like mommy and daddy. But you are also your own person entirely and I absolutely love all these little parts that make you, you.

You have so much energy it’s amazing to me you have anything left at the end of the day. You wake up bright and early ready to play, continue that rambunctious attitude throughout the day, and usually end it on a high note with a burst of energy until you finally crash.

For the last two years, I have watched you grow from a sweet newborn, into a beautiful toddler. I know you’re growing up, the new words you pick up every day are a reminder of that. The other morning you were telling Janai and me all the colors of your markers and what you were coloring. You yell “NO WAY” at me all the time and tell me “I DO IT” about literally everything. Even though you are crazy independent it’s hard for me to accept that you’re growing up and today you are two. I am thankful for every day I get to spend with you and watch you grow.

You definitely test my patience and make me realize how little of it I truly have, but we are working on it every day. You are working on pushing my limits and I am working on holding strong. Daddy tells me to ‘pick my battles,’ which is easier said than done. So bear with me, but know I am trying to be better!

I love you with all my heart baby boy.



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