Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Dear Tate, Today we celebrate you! It's insane how quickly the past two years have gone. It's also insane how different you are from daddy, Cash, and myself yet so similar. You are quite when we are out in public and a chatterbox at home, like daddy. You are full of sass all the time,… Continue reading Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Feature Friday – Single Mama NY

I'm sorry this is a day late, yesterday was a shit show for me. So we're doing feature Friday a day late. 😦 Welcome to another Feature Friday!!! Today we are highlighting SingleMamaNY!!! SingleMamaNY is a page designed to be that daily reminder that a woman can make it through anything that is thrown her… Continue reading Feature Friday – Single Mama NY

Week 14 Picks

Last week sucked. That's all that needs to be said. Ahahahah Here's this week's picks. Saints vs Falcons Seahawks vs Jaguars Packers vs Browns Lions vs Buccaneers Raiders vs Chiefs Vikings vs Panthers 49ers vs Texans Colts vs Bills Bears vs Bengals Titans vs Cardinals Jets vs Broncos Redskins vs Chargers Eagles vs Rams Cowboys… Continue reading Week 14 Picks

Living Through A Miscarriage

If you're like me the first 12 weeks of my pregnancies were so terrifying and exciting. You always hear about miscarriages and you always hope you aren't going to become a statistic. However, after talking about IVF and PUPPS I realized miscarriages are another one of those issues that no one wants to talk about.… Continue reading Living Through A Miscarriage

Snowy Day Reading List

I love to read so I figured why not give you my top 5 books to read during these long winter months. I have read all 5 of these books this year so they are pretty fresh in my mind and I tried to get 5 different types of books so we could cover a… Continue reading Snowy Day Reading List

One Year Anniversary

Well, we've made it! We've been at it for one whole year and have really made some serious progress. Someone recognized Tate from my Instagram account (read that here). I've written about postpartum depression, IVF from the woman's and man's perspective, adoption, and so many other issues that face us as parents. I've also written… Continue reading One Year Anniversary

Feature Friday – Dorky Mom Doodles

Hi everyone!!! Welcome to another feature Friday! I'm really excited about this week's feature because Dorky Mom Doodles is hilarious, raw, and honest. Who doesn't love that when it comes to parenting? We all need a little laughter when it comes to this parenting business. Dorky Mom Doodles creator Erika hails from South Carolina and… Continue reading Feature Friday – Dorky Mom Doodles