6 Feminists and Activists you should watch in 2018

I follow an awesome Instagram account called Slaythepatriarchy that recently published an awesome article on Medium. I’m sure you can guess the type of Instagram Slay the Patriarchy is but her bio is just perfection: “Feminist. Activist. Progressive. Advocate.”

Anyway, the article she posted is “6 Feminists and Activists you should watch in 2018” and I wanted to share it with all of you so you can enjoy her and the 6 people/groups she highlights.

Here is the full article:

Over 3 years ago I started a feminist Instagram account. I had no expectations. It was, quite frankly, just a place for me to share things I didn’t feel like I could on my other social media accounts at that time. Fast forward 3 years and it has grown into a community and support group for thousands of other feminists. The best possible thing to come out of it though would be the connections I have made to people all over the world I otherwise would have never known. This list could be never-ending, because I’m privileged to know so many amazing activists and feminists, but, I had to cut it off somewhere. I’ll end my rambling here and instead introduce you to the 6 feminists and activists you should watch in 2018.

  1. @undocumedia — Undocumedia isn’t just an Instagram account, but a movement founded by Ivan and Justino. Their slogan is “Undocumented and Unafraid” and their mission is to protect and defend immigrant rights. Out of all of the different activists and organizations, I follow they are one of my favorites for how active and engaged they are with their community.
  2. @girlpowersupply — Jen the creator of Girl Power Supply is an absolute badass. She champions feminist issues proudly and doesn’t back down despite any backlash she may receive. Her Instagram timeline will be sure to help you survive the next 2 years until we get the Predator-In-Chief out of office.
  3. Wear Your Voice Magazine is obviously much more than an Instagram account. They are an intersectional feminist magazine, which in this day and age is highly needed. When I’m looking for an article that explains what I’m trying to say, or to answer someone’s question about a certain topic, I always find myself looking to them for the answer. If you haven’t yet heard of them, make sure you check them out and support their work.
  4. Guerrilla FeminismLachrista is another badass feminist babe I’m lucky to “know” through our IG communities. She is known for posting straightforward, no bullshit, hard to hear topics that often result in threats from the “alt-right” (read: white supremacists) but she doesn’t let that discourage her from trying to educate the public.
  5. @blkgirlblog — Kendra will do big things in the world, I would bet money on that. Her bio “A young black revolutionary socialist girl grasping things by the root” pretty much speaks for itself. Black activists need to elevated, especially black women, and Kendra is 100% deserving of your time and attention.
  6. @teachlikeagirl — Christina Costa’s slogan is “empowered women empower women” and you’ll see just that through her feed. A lot of what you see in the feminist Instagram community is draining because we spend so much time attempting to educate and call out problematic bullshit in the world, but Christina’s feed is a breath of fresh air because she mainly focuses on positivity.

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