Week 12 Picks

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, I’m just not feeling it today. I don’t really care about football right now. I know that will probably change tomorrow but tonight I am just kin dof blah. So, with that being said I made my picks but I didn’t do any homework or really think about my picks. So we will see how this works out.

P.S. Last week I got 8 out of 14 correct.

Vikings vs Lions

Chargers vs Cowboys

Giants vs Redskins

Browns vs Bengals

Panthers vs Jets

Titans vs Colts

Buccaneers vs Falcons

Dolphins vs Patriots

Bears vs Eagles

Bills vs Chiefs

Seahawks vs 49ers

Saints vs Rams

Broncos vs Raiders

Jaguars vs Cardinals

Packers vs Steelers

Texans vs Ravens

Much Love,


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