A Gift Guide For Kids

With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is rushing to get the kids in their life the best gifts. Being the parent you know what your kids want and need but you also know what you don’t want your kids playing with. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and other family members usually don’t know these things, which is why I’ve made a gift guide for kids.

You can get an awesome kid in your life a subscription to National Geographic for as low as $15! Their website says it for kids 6 and up, but Cash has a subscription and really likes it. First of all, he likes getting things in the mail and he loves learning new things. Last but not least, he enjoys us reading to him and these subscriptions are a good reason to snuggle up on the couch together for a few minutes.

download (12).jpeg

If the kids you’re shopping for lives somewhere similar to where we live there are so many different museums that the kids love going to but they can get rather pricey. So getting those kids memberships, year-long passes, or 10 visit passes are a great gift for the kids and parents!

download (11)

Another subscription that I really love is Little Passports. There are so many different subscription boxes for kids but the reason I like this one so much is that they have different age groups, which it seems like most boxes are just for older kids. Little Passports has boxes for ages 3 through 9+. You can also break it down by type of box. They have a world edition, early explorer, science expedition, and USA edition so if there is more than one kid in the house you can give them each a different style.

download (14)

Cash has an Amazon Kindle for kids and he absolutely loves it! You can set screen time, you can require them to do educational games before they can do anything else, you can download Netflix and Youtube, you can not let them use the internet at all, and so much more! It helps with long car rides, it helps when I need to get work done around the house, it keeps him occupied and distracted, and so much more. I am putting one on Tate’s birthday/Christmas list this year so they stop fighting over the one we have. I highly suggest anyone with a child above the age of 2 seriously consider getting one. We have friends who have an 8-year-old who still loves his and plays educational games on it!




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