World Kindness Day

It’s World Kindness Day!!! I want to know how you are going to spread kindness around today.

If you’re feeling a little low on ideas or kindness you’re in luck because I have a few ideas for you! Today I will be committing to 24 hours of kindness and positivity on my social media, smiling at strangers, as well as writing thank you notes/texts to my friends and family.

  • Why not get flowers for your closest besties?
  • Why not send a letter in the mail to your significant other, or hide it in their work bag.
  • Write a personal note to a friend/s.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Hug your kids a little longer than normal.
  • Tell your family you love them.
  • Reach out to a friend you haven’t seen or talked to in a while.
  • Pay for the customer behind you in line getting coffee or lunch.
  • Pay for someone’s dinner unanimously.
  • Spend 5 minutes being kind to yourself, watch an uplifting youtube video.
  • Write a random note on a sticky paper and leave it in the office bathroom or in the library at school.
  • Commit to 24 hours of spreading kindness on social media.
  • Leave the biggest tip you can afford for your barista or waiter.
  • Send someone you love flowers.

1 thought on “World Kindness Day”

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