Mom Life Is The Best Life

This week we are “celebrating this crazy hectic, full life we call motherhood. Sometimes we are so keen on trying to find other things to call ourselves and other occupations to identify with that we lose sight of the significance & beauty & strength of just being a mom.” -Valeri Patterson

I collected everyone’s thoughts and wanted to put them all in one place for everyone to read.

We are celebrating the mums who sometimes feel like they can’t cope, who feel like they aren’t good enough, who question every decision they’ve made! Momma, you’re a lioness! Your babies are happy and thriving. You’ve got this. Now go and enjoy that big glass of wine, tomorrow is a new adventure.

This all came up because I was asking the group if they had any ideas for a theme for this weeks loop. And this is what has been on the mind and heart of one of our own wonderful mom’s in this loop. @valeri_liveonpurpose is learning how to be content in her motherhood and wifehood…even if those are the only things she will ever accomplish, that will be enough. Her life will have held intrinsic significance and worth.

Her words spoke to me so much because I have always been open about never being fully happy in my role as a stay at home mother and wife. I have constantly tried to fill my life with different things to feel complete and whole. However, Valeri reminded me that being a mother and wife is truly special and one of a kind. You need strength, perseverance, empathy, humility, authority, support, determination, responsibility, positivity, loyalty, great communication skills, love, and ALL the patience.

In other words, being a mother is hard work but very rewarding work. And this isn’t just for stay at home moms, working moms feel the pressure too. Seeing it as rewarding is something I need to work on daily. I’m learning that it’s okay to be in this place right now and I will never get it back. I am learning to not take my children or husband for granted. Above all, I am learning how important my role as a mother and wife is to my family.

This is to celebrate all mamas: career mamas, stay-at-home mamas, mama entrepreneurs, single mamas, mamas with partners… Whatever your situation you’re doing an amazing job. You are strong, beautiful, brave. You are enough.

This is a shout out to all the mums running the world every day without even knowing it. We pray we slay, we fall, we rise and we do it all again. Mothering has no leave or transfer; it’s who you are, and you are beautiful.

Being content in motherhood is one of the hardest things I have learned to be, and am still learning every day. That if this is the only thing I ever accomplish, that would be enough & my life would have held intrinsic significance and worth.

This one is for all the moms who have let what they see in the media cause them to feel like they aren’t doing enough. Believe me, hen I say, you’re doing a m a z i n g! No one else could ever parent your children better than you, they were made for you!


7 thoughts on “Mom Life Is The Best Life

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