Gift Guide For Her

Do you have a mom, sister, bestie, wife, or boss you need to buy something special for? Well, you’re in luck because I have 5 great ideas for that special lady in your life.

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If the woman in your life likes to read a subscription to The Book Of The Month Club is a must! For only $45 you can give them 3 months of amazing books to choose from. If they happen to find more than one they like they can purchase up to 2 more for only $10 more! Nowhere are you going to find new, hardback books for only $10! Not only that they have a great selection of books and reviews so you can find something you like. I will say I am a huge fan of reading and love BOTM. So far I haven’t had a book I didn’t enjoy! If she’s complaining that she never has the time to read you can do Audible, that way she can listen to her books on her commute or while she’s getting ready.

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Another great subscription gift, because who doesn’t like the gift that keeps on giving, is Birchbox. I have gotten this as a gift and I have also given it as a gift and it has been a hit every time. For just $30 you can gift the special lady in your life 3 months of customized beauty products. I have found my BB Cream and mascara through my Birchbox gift, which I am still using 2 years later. Another big plus to subscriptions is they can get exactly what they want. You don’t have to worry about getting them the wrong thing.

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Women love jewelry, however, jewelry is expensive. What do you do if you honestly just don’t want to break the bank this Christmas? Chloe and Isabel is what you need! They have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, rings, and charms & chains. They are affordable so you won’t feel guilty about spending the money and they are gorgeous pieces. Not only that they have so many different styles you will definitely find something that fits your girl’s style.

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If you really want to win some bonus points spa packages will always go over well. If you have a specific place you like or she likes definitely use the tried and true but if you are in need of a spa you can always look to see if there is a Massage Envy near you. They have one in every state in Washington DC and Wyoming. I’m sure there are plenty of other places similar to Massage Envy, this one is just one I’ve been to personally and they have a lot of locations.

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If you really want to get laid you need to bring out the big stops! Go big or go home right? The Apple Watch will always be a big hit with anyone you need to get a gift for. You can answer calls, send texts, stream music, make reminders, and use it as a sports watch to track your workouts! It’s really a win-win, just keep in mind they run from $340 to $750.

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