Feature Friday – The Mom Lifecycle

Sella is a mommy blogger who lives in France and gives you the real life mommy hood stories you have been wanting! She also has a lot of fun DIY projects, yummy recipes, and some great travel tips on her blog. If any of this shouts out to you definitely go check her out and give her a follow!
I’m a mommy blogger and mommy of 2-year-old girl who is based in France, I was born and grew up in Indonesia. I am kind of an independent woman and I have a passion for sewing, crafting, knitting and also I like traveling. I love to share my experience with everybody and I love to know the new people. I really like to have a relationship with the baby, toddler, and kids. And for sure I’m a pet lover. I have dreams to be an architect interior and fashion designer.
1. Why did you start blogging?
I like to share my experience as I’m a new mommy who lives abroad alone (without my family) and I really would like to help or motivate everyone who has the same situation like me.
And I need a place to show, to be my reminder about what I’ve done like my passion in knitting or sewing and also it will give me motivate to explore new thing on my kitchen for sharing the recipe etc.
And honestly, I would like to be a mompreneur so to blog is one of my way to reach that.
2. What is your favorite book/movie and why does it speak to you so much?
The movie Upside Down, because this movie has almost the same story like mine 😀
3. What did you want to do growing up and are you doing it now?
I would like to be more wise and mature. What I doing now? I try to change how I think about everything in a negative way to be positive.
4. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done and would you do it again?
The craziest thing I’ve ever done is when I had my water brake and I was ready to birth, I didn’t give any news to my mom untill my baby was born, I turned off my phone as I knew my mom would panic so I preferred to hide for a while :p. And I’vplanneded to do it again if I have chance to have a 2nd baby :p
5. Do you consider yourself a feminist?
50 : 50
6. Why or why not?
I know at this time women should have the same right as men and I agree with that 100%. And women need to be protected from any violence, but at the other side there are women who misuse feminism to do something negative, like do something bad and deliberately by luring people (men) to do bad things to them and they will get protection from anybody because she is a woman.
7. What was the best phase of your life?
My best phase of my life is when I start my own family when I’m pregnant and till now when I could keep my baby at home with me all the time and keep watching her grow every day.
8. What was the worst phase of your life?
The worse phase, was when I needed to pass through my previous 4 years with study something that I’m not really interesting and being ‘a robot’ of my family ( as I always obey them for giving them a pleasure)

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