Chloe and Isabel Hairstyles

I recently purchased more jewelry from my friend Alina who sells for Chloe and Isabel. I love the pieces I bought and can’t wait to get more! The other day we got to have some girl time and play with the hair pieces she is selling plus the ones I have already bought!

I will be completely honest, I suck at doing my own hair. I can do a messy bun, top knot, and straighten it. That’s it. Anything other than that is out of my league, and it’s not from lack of trying. I’ve watched so many youtube videos trying to learn how to curl my hair or do cute braids and I just can’t do it. 😦

All of these hairstyles were done by Alina, who is not a hairstylist, and in under 10 minutes each. Most were done in under 5 minutes! I loved every single look and can’t wait to try them on myself.

All of them come in different colors but the silver and rose gold look best in my dark hair. They also have different, more elaborate styles. I just prefer simple for myself.

These bun cuffs are great to step up your messy bun or top knot.

For this hairstyle, Alina literally twisted my hair into a bun, slipped the pin in towards the top of my head and then pushed it down. This one was one of my favorites from the day and I can’t wait to order my own!

We used this barrette in two different styles. The first one was just pulling my hair loosely up and clipping it in. The second style was a knotted braid with a fishtail at the end.

For this look, we just did two braids that connected to each other and placed the small pins in different places. I feel like a goddess with the rose gold pins!

We weren’t sure if these smaller circle clips would hold my hair but we made it work and it looked great! Literally took under 5 minutes to twist the pieces and clip them in place!

These oversized clips hold my thick (and very heavy hair), which is a miracle! But they are also very cute and add just a bit of flare to simple styles.


Much Love,
Ashley & Alina


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