Me Too. And Her. And Him. And Them.

Saw this on a friend’s facebook and loved it. I don’t know who the original author is but thank you.
“Me too” is about carrying pepper spray, holding your keys between your fingers, checking your back seats before getting into your car, faking or actually making a phone call as you walk… just in case something happens.
“Me too” is about “boys will be boys” and “he’s only mean because he likes you”.
“Me too” is about little girls constantly being told how pretty they are by strangers, but those strangers never engaging their personality or intellect.
“Me too” is about “Call me when you’re 18” “jokes”.
“Me too” is about “Well what were you wearing?” and “What signals did you send?”
“Me too” is about being told to smile or being asked why you are angry if you don’t outwardly appear happy at all times.
“Me too” is about starting a new job and being warned of the “creepy” co-workers or clients to avoid.
“Me too” is about employees asking their employer to install more lighting outside the building because they can’t feel safe working after hours when the sun goes down.
“Me too” is about wondering if your experiences are valid enough to claim “me too” because you’ve been “fortunate” enough to only experience verbal harassment.
“Me too” is about those who feel they can’t claim “me too” because the physical assault they experienced isn’t “as bad” as what others have gone through.
“Me too” is about the oneness being placed on victims and about those victims having to relive those experiences just to get some people to listen and take action.
“Me too” is about the flood of jokes and mocking that occurs when people claim “me too”.
“Me too” is about how much money the perpetrator has; how much they have going for them; how much of a nice person they’ve outwardly appeared to be in the past. And it’s detrimentally about the victim’s class standing, their race, their religion, their gender, or their sexuality.
“Me too” is about the rampant, pervasive rape culture that underlies every aspect of our society – from our media to our consumerism, to our jokes, to our entire environment that is bred and fed via toxic masculinity and the almighty dollar.
So yeah, “me too”. And her. And him. And them. Because whether you realize it or not, sexual harassment and assault affect us all.


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